Every day is a fresh start. A blank slate. A moment for you to create a life you love and that loves you back in return. Sometimes, we might be grasping onto certain situations, people or things because we associate them with comfort but by doing so we are keeping ourselves stuck. We might think that whatever we are holding on to is what is best for us but truth is we don’t always know.

We need to learn to trust in life a little more. Believe that whatever unfolds is for the best. It might feel like we are losing something that is very precious to us (a job, prestigious title, fancy home, romantic partner) but letting go is what brings in the new. Sure, the new is unknown and can be scary but it’s often wonderful and far beyond what we had imagined for ourselves.

Don’t be afraid to dream big, keep an open mind and release what might already be drifting away. Life is about cycles and flow and when we learn to move with softness and adapt to these changes, a certain ease will start appearing. It’s when we stay hard and inflexible, when we grasp onto the old and familiar that we can become fragile and break. Embrace the new. See every day as a fresh start and welcome in all the beauty that life has to offer you.

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