It’s so true that we often wait for the perfect moment to start a special project or say something to a special someone. We think “I’m not ready just yet” but that is the voice of fear and it will try to convince you to play it safe. We must be careful as waiting can become a habit and time can just slip by without us noticing that we are getting further away from something that was dear to our heart.

If we also let perfectionism stop us from moving ahead, that is another way fear blocks us from reaching our full potential. It makes us believe that we aren’t good enough or don’t deserve our chance to shine.

This is so far from the truth. We are here to be happy and we need to embrace being perfectly imperfect and accepting that certain people and situations will be that way too. Enjoy the moment for what it is. Be grateful for the simple gifts or lessons it has to offer.

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Image via The Berry

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