Don’t forget to play. This is as much a reminder for myself as it is for all you lovely Red Fairy Project readers. As a driven person, I tend to push, push, push in order to move things ahead and that can be exhausting at times. I noticed recently that my work days were starting earlier and earlier and finishing later and I wasn’t leaving myself much play time.

As a result, I was feeling frustrated and it took me a while to realize why. Once I did, I adjusted my schedule and made sure to have some playtime penciled in (I follow the mantra “If it’s not scheduled it’s not real”). When we don’t allow ourselves to have some play time, we aren’t creating breathing space for new ideas to arise or important realizations to surface. Some people even use an overloaded schedule (work and/or social) in order to avoid facing certain issues that creep in when they have some quiet time.

This avoidance is unhealthy of course and we simply can’t constantly be in working and doing mode. We must find the balance that is right for us and for this particular time in our life (sometimes we need more down time, sometimes we need less). Our body and soul usually give us pretty clear indications on whether we have that right balance (ex: frequent aches and pains or feeling impatient or irritable). We must listen to these signs…

Play time can be whatever you find enjoyable from reading a fun book or magazine, to cooking or simply doing nothing at all. And the most important thing to remember when allowing yourself to play: don’t feel guilty about it! Have fun, relax and release those worries and tensions.

We all deserve to enjoy life, laugh and have fun. We don’t need to “work for it” or be miserable before we can be happy. Incorporate play time in your day one small moment at a time if your schedule is ultra busy. Start with 10 minutes maybe and then increase it gradually.

And if ever the voice of the ego shows up and triggers guilt by saying something like “This is such a waste of time, you have so many more important things you should be doing!” tell it to shove it and keep playing.

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