Don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle. Comparison is the thief of joy as Theodore Roosevelt said and yet how often do we engage in this unhealthy habit? I believe it is somewhat normal to compare ourselves to others but it doesn’t bring much good because it comes from a place where the ego lives. The ego either makes us feel better than or less than and once again nothing good comes from creating separateness and labelling ourselves or others.

Each of us has a unique path and we must honour and be grateful for this journey. Comparing robs us from the little victories we should be proud of and the progress we make everyday. It also steals our attention away from the precious lessons we can learn from our mistakes.

Where you are is perfect and is preparing you for the next step but don’t be solely focused on that future. Enjoy the gifts that the present moment has to offer you. There always are blessings to be noticed and appreciated. Blessings that will likely help you take that next step forward. To see them though, you must slow down and find stillness. Find peace in where you are NOW while working softly to where you want to be.

Allow yourself to be a beginner if that’s what you are (we are always a beginner at something in life). Embrace the awkwardness and the lessons and move with ease towards your next step with trust that all is good in the now. Wishing you a wonderful and inspiring day. 

Image by Angel Kein

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