You know that thing that makes you smile but you often push aside because there are more “important matters” to tend to? But what if that thing was important? What if that was IT? The path to happiness, bliss, inner peace and purpose? You might not think that your favourite hobby matters that much or that the special project you put aside will make much of a difference but nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s what lights us up that shows us our purpose and our path. It’s the activity you love so much that time just seems to fly by when you are enjoying it. We’ve got to start noticing those moments where we fill a spark, a little burst of happiness inside. And then we have to work hard to make that spark grow into a flame that we tend to daily. Yes, happiness and inspiration take work. Not sure how we got here and why we’ve been wired this way but there is another option of living fortunately. Learning this is part of the journey. We’ve got to re-learn how to have fun, smile more and just enjoy life because it goes by way faster than we ever expected and in the end, it,s not all the work that we didn’t do that we will regret, it’s those fleeting moments of joy that we will wish we had given more time to.

Start today. Make up a list of 5 things that make you smile. Turn off the judgemental mind when you do this exercise as it will try to voice its opinion. Just write. It can be anything from gardening to playing cards, walking the dog, spending time in nature, cooking, whatever! If you have trouble finding five, start with one. Now make sure you put a weekly reminder for yourself (on an electronic device or old school agenda, whatever works for you) and take this “appointment” as seriously as one you would schedule with a friend or colleague. No cancelling or pushing until later. Own it and do it as planned.

It might feel strange to schedule fun time at first but you will see the use very quickly. You will start feeling a little lighter and others will notice it too. Your energy will shift and you will start attracting others with that same positive energy. Positive outcomes will unfold and situations will unblock. It all starts with doing what makes you smile… Try it and see!

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Image via Angel Kein

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