Sure, what you do with you life is important but want to know what matters even more? It’s how you do thingsThe simplest gesture done with great love and care can make all the difference in someone’s day. Think about how you treat others when you commute to work. Do you hold doors, give your seat up to those who need it, let others pass first at a stop sign?

What about the people you interact with everyday at your local coffee shop perhaps or the dry cleaners? The other day I gave the example of the cashiers at my local grocery store and how one is always alive, smiling and joking while the others seem totally detached from the people they interact with. I tend to go towards that one woman because she puts such love and attention to a job that others in the same store take for granted.

I am sure that her day is that much brighter because of what she makes of her role and she also brings great energy to others thanks to her attitude. Even if you aren’t in the place you would like to be, do what you need to do with great love. How we do one thing is how we do everything so if our energy is resentful or negative or not grateful, we will get back that same negative energy that we are putting out.

But if we put love and positive energy into what we do, this good energy will come back to us in how people treat us, how we feel about what we are doing and the opportunities we will be creating for ourselves. Treat the smallest tasks with love and life will know you are ready for bigger adventures. Show kindness and care and see the magic it creates for yourself and others.

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