Boy do we love taking on A LOT during a day. It’s almost like a competition to see the most we can get done in the least amount of time possible. It’s time to change that mindset and to less with more focus. Doing as much as possible may sound like it’s a formula for being “productive” but what it really creates is actions where we aren’t necessarily giving our best or being fully present. We also create a lot of stress for ourselves when we are in this frame of mind.

Often, we are doing one task and already thinking of the other. It can be something as simple as doing the dishes but already planning our next meal or something more important like talking to a friend but being lost in thought about all the work that needs to get done later that day.

I am a huge multi tasker and I would speak on the phone while doing the dishes and would often be told that it was irritating because people felt like I wasn’t really concentrating on them or that our conversation didn’t seem important enough for me to fully focus on it. I thought I was being efficient but I was actually being a little hurtful to people’s feelings.

There is great reward in doing less but doing it well. Yes, today’s world moves at an incredibly fast speed but we often impose on ourselves how much we take on during a given day.

It can be good to take a step back and reassess priorities. Ask ourselves if all of these tasks really need to be tackled now and how much they really matterSlowing down is something that is being discussed and practiced more and more because we are simply burning ourselves out.

It’s the quality of our actions that we should focus on rather than the quantity. We should lean back and see how fully present we are and if we are truly giving our best especially during the important moments like when we do something we love or spend time with friends and family.

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