On this Black Friday, I suggest we practice the mantra “Do I really need it?” as a reminder to be more conscious and truly know the difference between our needs vs our wants. When I used to work in fashion, I “needed” things all the time to the point that I was barely seeing any of the money I was earning. As soon as it would come in, it would go out… I got such a thrill from buying stuff but the problem was that the thrill was short lived and then I had to buy something else to feel that rush of excitement again.

It’s not to say that shopping is bad and consumerism is evil. It would be hypocritical for this style loving gal to say that. What I did learn over the last two years of being on a tight budget as an entrepreneur is that we really don’t need that much and “stuff” can actually weigh us down from a mental and spiritual point of view. I’ve learned what I truly need but still enjoy treating myself from time to time. The difference I guess is that there is an awareness now when I shop. 

I also like to think about what went into and who was involved in what I am buying. What conditions was it produced in? Of course, it’s still challenging to obtain this information most of the time but we can have a good idea that when something is super cheap, there’s a reason behind it and it’s usually not a good one. Simply consider this some food for thought next time you get that itch to shop. There can be a shift in our habits, a shift that will be beneficial not only to us but to others and our planet as well.

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