Are you creating a life you love? Do you feel excited about the day ahead when you wake up in the morning? It’s possible to create a life you love so much that you feel truly blessed and cherish each day. You can build this life one decision at a time and by tapping into your heart. You must be deeply connected to your true self, to what makes you happy and feel vibrantly alive.

Do you know yourself well enough to pin point what brings you joy? One example for me is inspiration and beauty. I deeply believe that one of my purposes (we can have several and they can evolve over time) is to help bring more inspiration and beauty into this world. Everyday, I take actions to follow that purpose whether it’s with this blog, by the way I decorate my home or how I help others create inspiration in their lives via wellness, healthy eating and learning to love themselves.

When we are aligned with our purpose, we create a life we love. A life that has true meaning and makes us feel like our time spent here is valuable. Take moments today to notice if most of your actions and mental energy are focused on creating a life you love. And remember it’s not about creating the life that others think you should live. It’s about your own unique path. Trust your inner voice and intuition, even if the voice of the ego tries to convince you that certain dreams or passions are not “practical” or valuable. The voice of our parents, society and other well intended influencers can sometimes distract us and drive us away from our purpose so learn to trust that inner GPS. You have everything you need within you to create a life you love. Now go out there and start working your magic! Wishing you a wonderful day. xoxo

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