Every moment of every day we have the power of choosing light over darkness. When moments of darkness occur in the world, we can choose to bring more darkness (anger, fear, despair, hate) or challenge ourselves to go deep inside and find the light that we can bring out. It’s not to say that we aren’t allowed to feel certain dark feelings.

When tragedy occurs we should allow whatever emotion we have to surface, flow through and then release it. But the key is to release it. Holding onto darkness, dwelling on it, amplifying it by putting it out there and letting others feed it won’t do us any good. If we want to eliminate the darkness in this world we won’t do it by bringing more darkness. Let’s be aware of what we put out there when dark moments do occur.

Let’s make a conscious effort to see how we can bring more light whether that’s by helping those that are involved in the darkness or simply by bringing more light into our immediate environment and to those around us. Each and every one of us can bring light in our own unique way. We have special gifts to share with the world and we must focus on that rather that falling into the trap of darkness. See today how you can bring more light even with the smallest gestures or words. Make someone smile. Choose not to feed into the negativity on social media. You will find your own way to be the Light.

Speaking of light and how we are all light workers, I want to recommend two amazing books by my friend and mentor Bram Levinson. His latest just released book is called  A Year In The Light and I feel that this is exactly what we need at this time in history and especially considering the unfolding of yesterday’s tragedies in Paris. You can find out where to purchase a hard copy or digital edition of A Year In The Light here. You can read a review of this book here.

If you live in the Montreal area, Bram will be at Indigo Chapters (on Ste-Catherine’s) today from 2:00-4:00 pm and at Happy Tree Yoga from 7:00-9:00 pm. Bram’s first book is The Examined Life. I loved it so much I purchased several copies for my family and friends. It’s a must read for everyone. Find out where you can purchase it here.

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A year in the light, Bram levinson, recommended book, spirituality, spirit, wellness, happiness

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The Examined Life, Bram Levinson, book, spirituality, guidance, wisdom, wellness, happiness

Purchase The Examined Life (Kindle edition

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