People’s issues… We all have to deal with them. Perhaps you had a less than amazing day yesterday because someone made an unpleasant comment or treated you in a way you find unfair.

It could be someone close to you or just an employee in a bad mood at a business you frequent. You might have been spending quite a lot of time ruminating about it, feeling upset and thinking that you din’t deserve that type of treatment.

First, know that it’s your ego that is telling you that and second, know that you have a choice in letting that person’s behaviour upset you. Sure, we can walk away from certain people that are irritating but sometimes they are just part of our life as a colleague or family member and we have to cancel our subscription to their issues- meaning we will no longer participate in that negative energy.

What if you could learn to let those unpleasant comments slide right off your back or that behaviour leave you unaffected? Imagine the inner peace you could benefit from. I love this quote that expresses how we should perceive other people’s actions and words: “What Susie says of Sally says more about Susie than of Sally.” I used to have a colleague that would bad mouth all her teammates. She would come into my office to complain about how they weren’t doing their job well and then she would go speak to other people about what she thought I was doing wrong.

I could have taken it personally and seen it as a lack of respect towards me but I knew it was really about her low self esteem (talking badly about others made her feel better about herself). It would have been wasted energy trying to talk to her or get her to change. I could not control what she thought of me or what she did but what I did have power over was how I dealt with the situation and if I let it affect me.

Learn to notice when your ego is bruised by someone’s behaviour and to detach from it because it’s so not worth the drama. Negative energy feeds on negative energy so those that trigger you do so to create a reaction that generates more negativity. Be alert and notice when this happens. Awareness is the first step to breaking the cycle.

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