Believe in yourself. Know that you are here to do great things and to bring your unique gifts to the world. Sometimes we need that little reminder. We let the mistakes and the let downs get to us and then we start doubting ourselves. What we have to understand is that mistakes are part of the journey and they allow us to grow and become an even better version of ourself.

We have what it takes to be great and we have the necessary guidance to find the resources we might need to support us. Never forget that you have little helpers all around you that are there to carry you when needed. You also have a greater force helping you to co-create something wonderful during your time here.

Your purpose might change or evolve and your destiny might be to take various paths and there is no one right way to live your life. There is only YOUR way and you must respect and embrace your journey with all its twists and turns. Believe in yourself and don’t believe the voice of the Ego when it creeps up and gives you all the reasons why you aren’t worthy.

No matter what you do, you are truly a magnificent creature and you being here reading this already proves it. When in doubt, pause and come back to your true self. Whether you do that through meditation, walking through nature or whatever helps you re-center and refocus the powerful energy that you possess. 

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Image by Mija

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