Be you. The world will adjust. If you feel that you have to be someone other than yourself for others to love you, then look around at those people and ask yourself if it’s you who needs to change or perhaps you might want to change who surrounds you. A true friend and romantic partner loves you for who you really are. Not who they want you to be. They embrace your quirks and you theirs.

The first step is to accept and love ourselves because seeking for approval from the outside is a never ending quest and it’s one that will lead us astray. Love yourself, truly and deeply. Not in an ego kind of way but rather embracing who you are, your soul (not your appearance, or title or role in society). If you notice that you are constantly seeking the approval of others, ask yourself What is missing inside that I am trying to compensate for?

Don’t judge it. Throw some love at it rather. Learn to be you because you are truly beautiful. When you can see that beauty in yourself and others, everything flows and the dramas start fading away.

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