Be present. Present in each little moment you enjoy today. Present in the delicious meals you eat. Present in the time you spend with your loved ones. Presence is one of the most precious gifts to give yourself and others. It can bring great joy and inner peace.

Many of us are on vacation and the best way to fully enjoy this period is to be present. You might be tempted to let your mind wander to the past where perhaps some unfinished business took place. Or maybe you’re worrying about what’s going to unfold in a few weeks or days.

Planning your schedule is totally fine of course but that is different to getting lost in worry. One of my favourite quotes that brings me back into the present is “Worry pretends to be necessary“. Doesn’t it put things in perspective and remind us that anxious thoughts really don’t serve us?

It’s especially pointless regarding what we cannot control… Be present and enjoy the gifts that today offers you. Moments of happiness reside within the simplest things if we are aware enough to take notice.
Wishing you a wonderful day!

Image via The Note Writer

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