Be kind even to mean people. They need it the most. This is a lesson I learned from Ms. Oprah a long time ago when she mentioned that if a cab driver was rude to her she would choose to be kind and give him an even bigger tip because she figured he was probably having a really bad day.

We don’t know the battles other people are fighting and when someone is rude to us our first reaction often comes from our bruised ego. It might think something like “Who is he/she to speak to me that way?!” But if we move past the ego, our heart knows that the way the other person acted with us is not a reflection of who we are but rather who they are.

If a person is rude or mean to you, take a moment before you react and think of what kind of energy you want to contribute to the situation. Do you want to meet them at their low level and bring more negativity? Or perhaps you want to be kind and use your inner power to bring compassion. Shift that energy into a more positive one. Remember that negative energy feeds on negative energy so negative people act in ways to generate a negative reaction in others. This is usually subconscious so we must rise above that level and react in a conscious and aware manner.

Make it an experiment to be kind this week. If you notice someone being rude, take a step back and first notice if your ego wants to react by defending itself (it most probably will). Then take a deep breath and let that higher power within you arise and meet the other person with a much more positive level of energy. React with kindness and patience either by choosing silence and a smile if that’s best or pergolas share some kind words. We need more kindness in this world and it’s already within us to make that shift one human interaction at a time. Wishing you a wonderful day! xoxo

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