We can sometimes overwhelm ourselves by constantly thinking about the future. We could find so much more peace if we fully embraced the present moment and were grateful for all it has to offer. We might experience this uneasy feeling of worry created by the ego but really, if we stop, sit in stillness and ask ourselves these three questions, we would know that everything will be okay:

Am I breathing?
Am I loved?
Am I safe?

You are breathing? You are okay. You are loved? You are okay. You are safe and have a roof over your head? You are okay. You really are okay are and already complete so breathe and take it day by day. Now that you come into this realization, take a moment of gratitude and notice how the more grateful we are for what we have, the less we feel this constant need to search for more and always be in the future.

We can find deep inner peace by cultivating gratitude for simple yet precious blessings such as our healthy breath and body. So any time worry creeps up, stop and remind yourself that life unfolds one breath at a time and there is no need to try moving ahead faster than that.

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