Be confident in yourself, in all you have to offer this world but also in the possibilities of the amazing life you can create. I realized yesterday while reading Lisa Messenger’s new book Money + Mindfulness (only a few pages in and loving it!!) that I haven’t been dreaming big enough for myself. I’m not saying this in a critical way. It was more of an Aha! moment where I could see that although I’ve always believed that I should follow my dreams and have confidence in myself, I haven’t wanted to be disappointed so my dreams have been fairly conservative.

I’ve aimed probably higher than many people (ex: I quit my job to follow my passion and build my business) but I’ve been keeping my vision within something that is “reasonable”. We sometimes have an internal dialog that goes something like “Who am I to accomplish this great thing?” but as Marianne Williamson says, Who are you not to be great? (full quote here). Imagine if the game changers of this world had decided to just stay small and limit their expectations of what they could accomplish? I believe each and every one of us is here to do something of true value. Our path is unique and it can be one of greatness if we decide to be confident and reach for the stars. Wishing you a wonderful day! xoxo

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