Be a better person- to yourself and to others. This is not about being judgmental about who you are. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We have much more strength and kindness within us than we think. If we can let go of our ego and our struggles for a moment, we can refocus on what’s truly important: connection, compassion and yes, LOVE.

Sometimes, we think that we are just this little human being going about and doing our thing but we are much grander than that. What is most special about us cannot be seen but rather felt. It’s in the thoughts we choose (towards ourself and others), the words we speak and actions we take.

We infuse everything we do with a certain energy, even when we are just listening to someone or writing an email. Our presence is a gift that is worth developing both for us and others. By being more present and less lost in thought about the past or the future, we bring a higher quality to what we are doing and who we are being.

If we are with others, they will feel acknowledged and heard. If we are alone, we will feel more inner peace. Being a better person is not just on the human, material form, it’s at the level of who we truly are deep down inside.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Not the other way around. We can make this experience better or worse depending on our mindset and what we bring into each day. Choose your energy playing field wisely. You’re more likely to enjoy positive outcomes if you opt for presence, compassion and kindness rather than fear, intolerance and judgment.

Go ahead, be better. It’s already who you are. You just forget it sometimes. ;)

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