It’s so important to stop and ask yourself “Are you taking the shots”? Are you in the arena putting yourself out there, risking vulnerability and failure? Never thought I would be doing sport analogies or a hockey player in my daily inspirations but Wayne Gretzky knows a thing or two about risking big and reaching success when you do take those chances.

I used to be such a perfectionist that I would stop myself from trying new things because of the fear of not being good at them. Today, I strive for progress rather than perfection. I still have that voice of perfectionism inside of me but it’s getting weaker and I’m learning be okay with not being the best right from the start and I understand that you only get better by practicing.

The important thing is to try and try again. In the last year, various acts of courage I took were greatly rewarded, from doing a yoga teacher training, to launching this blog to quitting my job in the corporate world to become an entrepreneur.

None of these “projects” were easy at first and I was honestly really scared but I was just so tired of not taking action because of fear that I went ahead and took the leap anyways. We should stop being afraid of failing and start focusing on what we might miss out on if we don’t take chances. We need to believe in ourselves a little more, be kind to ourselves when we do fall and build the courage to get up and try again.

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