Have you noticed how often you’re standing in your own way? It’s crazy to think that we are limiting ourselves from the potential we can achieve and the fulfilling life we can live because of our own internal dialogFor various reasons (mainly because of the voice of fear), we often choose to play it safe and live within the confines of our comfort zoneBut what awaits us outside of that space is a life far beyond what we could have ever imagined and that is our true destiny.

Start noticing if you have limiting thoughts and beliefs about what you can achieve and who you truly are. One I hear often from people who have a particular passion or hobby they love is “Yeah but I’ll never make a living doing that.” I can assure you that you won’t if you keep telling yourself that…

Really observe that inner dialog and notice the life it is creating for you. Can you perhaps move beyond the fears one small step at a time? Dare to think that your wildest dreams are actually possible and see which steps you can take to get just a little close to them.

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