Allow yourself to be a beginner. What a huge lesson to learn in today’s immediate gratification society. This topic has been popping up a lot lately and I might be noticing it more because A) I need to learn this myself and B) Many people around me are also in an impatient mood to be at a certain level when they are only just beginners.

One of the reasons we are not allowing ourselves to be a beginner is because we look to people that have what we want (success, a healthy body, a great job, beautiful home, etc) and because we didn’t witness their journey, we think that whatever we envy them for just happened overnight.

We need to remind ourselves that each of our path is unique but also that everyone starts at the beginning. We need to embrace the awkwardness of beginnings and even enjoy the simplicity they offer.

When you are being hard on yourself as a beginner, replace those harsh judgemental thoughts with some kindness and patience. And if you tend to feel badly about whatever stage you are at because you keep comparing yourself to others, put some blinders on and remember that just like you they began at the starting line.

I’ll leave you with the favourite quote I refer to when I’m not allowing myself to be a beginner: “Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20.” 

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