All you need is love. When you’re having a tough day and things aren’t going how you planned, go back to love. Love yourself, have kind thoughts, not harsh ones. Know that it’s not all up to you so stop blaming. When challenging moments occur with others, all you need is love. Go within and bring to the situation what it needs to create unity and collaboration rather than separation.

When fear arises and you want to run the other way, all you need is love. They say that all decisions come down to choosing fear or love. Fear can wear different masks so it’s not always easy to spot. Intolerance of others is a good example of that. We can be very good at developing theories, excuses and stories to justify why we are choosing fear but whatever the real reason is behind it, it’s still fear we are choosing and nothing good comes of that.

Yes, choosing to listen to fear in life threatening situations is useful but that’s rarely what reality is. All you need is love. All WE need is love because WE are all in this together. Love is the answer throughout your day. Notice the decisions and challenges you face and see when you can make the conscious decision to choose love rather than fear.

Listen to what the other person has to say, put yourself in their shoes. Know that some are fighting battles that we can’t even begin to understand. Compassion, peace and kindness is another form of bringing love into our day. Let’s develop an awareness of the impact of our thoughts and actions.

Our outer world reflects our inner world so the more love we can develop love internally for ourselves and those around us, the more this will be reflected in the world out there. It’s all the little shifts (mental, emotional) that will make a difference in the end so let’s work together on ourselves to create a space that is infused with love.

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