The week has passed and the weekend is here. Now is the time to let go of what happened earlier and accept it for what it is. There was some good and maybe some bad. Whatever went down, we must accept and move onNot from an indifference point of view but from a release mindset.

When we have a mentality of grasping (onto the good or bad), we carry that baggage with us and it weighs us downIt keeps us from being 100% open to the present and to new opportunities. When we are stuck in the past, this thinking takes up room in our mind and can keep us from noticing the beauty and gifts of the present moment.

Take one last moment to be grateful for what the week brought you (blessings or lessons) and let it go. Move through this weekend with ease and lightness and don’t boggle yourself down by worrying about the future either. Live in the now. Enjoy the now.

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Image via Mija by Mirjam Flatau

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