I am utterly and completely obsessed with Fashion Bloggers TV. Why? Yes, the clothes are amazing, the girls travel to the more beautiful locations and they live a life I honestly envy (especially being a blogger myself) but more importantly my love for the show stems from the fact that it features inspiring, driven and successful women. Fashion Bloggers TV first aired back in October 2014 and is now into its second season. The reality style “documentary” follows the daily lives of five top Australian fashion bloggers:

Sara Donaldson of Harper & Harley

Telling you like it is. My Do’s and Don’ts on styling the asymmetrical one shoulder top. Now up on the blog.

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Kate Waterhouse of Horse-racing dynasty the House of Waterhouse/KateWaterhouse.com

Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox

Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three (replaced by Nadia Fairfax of Fairfax Journal in season 2)

Now, I am afraid I have some good news/bad news regarding how easy it will be for you to access the show. First, the good news: the entire first season as well as episodes 1, 2, 7 and 8 of season 2 are available (in high def) on You Tube here (you’re welcome). The bad news is that since E! picked up the show, episodes 3-6 are not available on You Tube because E! has blocked them on copyright grounds. Kind of sucks but you can watch some pirated lower res version if like me you want to see all the episodes (just search for “fashion bloggers TV”).

Have any of you become addicted to TV shows that you find super inspiring? Share them in the comment section below so that we have even more reasons to stay in our jammies on a rainy Saturday!

(Image via @fashionbloggerstv)

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