First, let me start by saying that I would make this beetroot juice recipe for its vibrant pink colour alone. Of course, the health benefits of juicing should trump the look of the juice but it’s still fun to have something pretty to look at while you nourish your body with lots of good ingredients.

I first started juicing in 2013 after watching the movie Fat, sick and nearly dead. I was neither of the three but wanted to increase my intake of vegetables (especially green ones). I’ve been a healthy eater for many, many years but would sometimes find it challenging integrating high nutrient veggies in my meals. Juicing was the perfect solution.

My amazing friend and blogger Chadi of Brunettes Have More Fun was actually the one that motivated me to get back into juicing last week thanks to this post. I had been a little lazy for the last while as cleaning that juicing machine can be daunting but her gorgeous juice photos inspired me to dust off the Breville and get juicing again! For this recipe, I did a slight variation of ¬†Chadi’s recipe as I didn’t have an orange. I used 10 carrots, 2 beets and 2 apples. Go ahead, try it. You’ll thank us for it! ;)

If you don’t have a juicer yet, you can try some great smoothie recipes with a regular blender.

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