Living a healthy life is all about balance. With the holidays coming up, we know that there is going to be some indulging and in my opinion that is totally okay. We can’t live life feeling like we are depriving ourselves. Food is just too darn delicious! That said, I like to live in a healthy and happy body which means preparing it appropriately if I know I’ll be treating myself to meals and desserts that are richer than usual. In other words, I want to make sure that my system is in a great place when I do decide to indulge and that I won’t feel crappy either because my liver just can’t take it anymore or because I feel guilty. My solution: sexy salad recipes!

Pig out prep

This “preparation period” means taking in lots of super healthy (and yummy) food, cutting out alcohol and reducing sweets to the minimum for at least a few weeks before the planned pig out session*. Please note that I don’t consider this a diet, mainly because I don’t believe in diets. Over the years, I’ve just learned from experience that my body is happier when it’s full of good food and if I go off track for a few days it won’t react if it was treated with care prior to the overeating.

Sexy salads

All this to say that I am going big on salads right now. Not the boring lettuce/tomato/cucumber kind of salads. The kind of salads that makes you drool just by looking them. The perfect example: the above winter rainbow quinoa salad recipe by Pinch of Yum. You’ve already heard me gush about how much I love food blog Pinch of Yum here, well consider me a repeat offender because I am doing it again today. Just in the last week, I’ve made this salad twice. Not for lack of imagination but because I am OBSESSED with it.

The combination of ingredients in this salad recipe is simply magical: pomegranate is the best fruit that ever existed, pistachios are pretty and oh so tasty and the rest of the ingredients perfectly blend together to create the most delicious and healthy meal. I did do a slight modification because well, that’s just how I roll: I added in pear in addition to the apple and the second time I made the salad I didn’t have pistachios on hand so I used toasted sunflower seeds instead. Still. Tasted. Amazing.

Get your greens on!

If you want to get on board with me on the health train for the next 25 days, here are a few other salad recipes that I swear by and I’m sure you’ll love too. Give them a go (click the images for links to recipes), let me know what you think in the comments below!

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nectarine, feta and walnut salad
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everything but the kitchen sink salad
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pomegranate, pear and pistachio salad
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crunchy ramen noodle salad

Feature image via Pinch of Yum

*A pig out session for me is probably very different from a pig out session for other people. Since I am a bit of a health nut, I consider 3 glasses of wine to be mega party time and dessert two days in a row to be a real treat. We each define our food habits on our own terms and you have to decide what makes YOU feel happy and healthy.

4 thoughts on “Sexy salad recipes that will rock your world

  • Woww these look amazing ! Thanks for sharing.
    Trying the Rainbow quinoa salad ASAP :)
    I don’t believe in diets as well! Instead, I believe in learning to really taste and ENJOY healthy food. Then you start to feel that the unhealthy stuff just tastes artificial, or too greasy, or too sweet, etc….


    • Can’t wait to hear how you liked it Polina and I couldn’t agree with you more regarding how the healthier we eat, the more our body craves healthy food. The less I eat sweets and greasy food, the less I crave them and the more I find them hard to digest when I do eat them on occasion. ;)

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