As it happens with several of the recipes I whip up, I had been walking around with a mental image of this pomegranate, pear and pistachio salad in my mind for about a week until I finally just had to create it. Like I mentioned in my ricotta, tomato & spinach pasta recipe post (recipe in French), I’ve been craving greens big time since my return from Portugal. Probably because I didn’t eat enough while over there (opting for starchy dishes and pastries instead).

Anyhoo, the creation above is actually a modified version of this pomegranate, pear and pistachio salad recipe and is quite possibly the most exquisite salad I have ever created, both from a visual and taste point of view. There are so many flavours and textures that it’s like a party in your mouth! I didn’t have certain ingredients but as opposed to my early days in the kitchen, I don’t let that stop me anymore.

So, I did not put onion, red pepper or apple and despite their omission, the meal was still AMAZING. I also made this really late at night and didn’t want to bother with the dressing so I just mixed olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I can only imagine how good this recipe must be when you follow it to the letter.

Let this serve as a culinary lesson to not be afraid to get a little creative in the kitchen and work around certain recipes. Bon appétit!

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