Last weekend, I got together with my blogger buddy Chadi of Brunettes Have More fun and we made the most incredible coconut curry soup recipe. Having blogger friends, and even better a foodie blogger friend is great because she always allows me to discover fabulous new food blogs. Case in point: Pinch of Yum. Lindsay, the founder of Pinch of Yum takes the most gorgeous photos and every single one of her recipes is mouth watering (the pictures here prove it already).

If you haven’t discovered her site yet, you are in for a treat starting with this anything-you-have coconut curry soup. This is the perfect meal now that the crisp fall weather has set in. Soup in general is comforting but in addition to this, the ingredients and spices (turmeric, ginger and more) used in this recipe warm up your soul even more. It’s also a great vegetarian option since it’s made with tofu and has no dairy products. I’m sure you will fall in love with Pinch of Yum just as we did. Here are a few of the other POY recipes I plan on making in the near future (direct link to recipes via each image):

avocado, shrimp, asian, recipe, vegetarian, healthy eating, healthy living
Spicy shrimp avocado salad
coconut, curry, soup, bowl, asian, recipe, vegetarian, healthy eating, healthy living
Bangkok coconut curry noodle bowl
 salad, quinoa, recipe, vegetarian, healthy eating, healthy living
Winter rainbow quinoa salad


Do you have any favourite food blogs? If so, share them below! It’s so fun to discover new sites that can inspire us in the kitchen. If you want to see other recipes that Chadi and I whipped up together, check them out below in the Continue reading section. Plus,  sign up to the Red Fairy’s newsletter to receive a weekly dose of inspiration that will feed your body, style and soul. The next new recipe will come straight to your inbox!

All images by Pinch of Yum

4 thoughts on “Meatless Monday: coconut curry soup

    • Couldn’t agree more. BTW, I made the Pinch of Yum spicy shrimp and avocado recipe last night and it was INSANE!!! So glad you allowed me to discover this amaze food blog and will be doing a ton of her recipes in the weeks to come. xx

  • Oli just saw me looking at these photos and said, “Are you going to make that for us?” I just might have to – looks delicious!

    • Ah ah! That’s too cute. I guess Oli has put in his official request. ;) I’ve made all the recipes that are featured on this post believe it or not in the past week. I’m just crazy about Pinch of Yum! We could do the spicy shrimp or maybe the winter rainbow quinoa salad which is heaven! Let me know if there is one you prefer (we can email each other)! xoxo

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