Yes I know, the words “kale juice recipe” can sound scary. I’ll admit that my first few attempts at making fresh juice with veggies we’re shall we say… interesting. When you aren’t used to the taste lots of raw greens, your taste buds wonder what’s going on. Plus, my ratio of veggies to fruits wasn’t right for a beginner who needs to ease into veggie juicing. The trick is to integrate more fruit at first (ex: 2 apples in this recipe) and then with time, you can put one fruit for 3 vegetables.

The reason I started juicing was because although I was eating well, I wasn’t incorporating enough greens into my diet (sooo important for your health!). I just wasn’t crazy about the taste. Since I had been drinking spinach smoothies for a couple of years, I felt like I was ready to play with the big kids and sip on kale and other power foods that would fuel my body.

This is a delicious kale juice recipe inspired by a juice that my friend Jennifer brought to my house the other day. Her version has more ingredients but I just used what I had on hand: 1/2 bunch of kale, 1 green pepper, 2 apples.

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Try it and let me know what you think! I can barely pass a day without juicing now. My body just feels so fresh, clean and well nourished when I give it foods like this. It makes me happy to know that for everything it does for me, I am giving it all the nutrients it needs.

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