In last week’s recipe post (Sexy salads that will rock your world), we talked about how living a healthy life is all about balance. This week, we will be focusing on the indulgence part a little more (are those cheers I hear?). I am a huge dessert lover but I also want to maintain good eating habits, be comfortable in my body and treat it like the temple it is. This means that when I get a craving for something sweet, I usually opt for healthy desserts (or healthier desserts). If you think healthy equates “tastes like cardboard” these recipes will show you there’s nothing further from the truth. I have tried and tested them all and they taste heavenly.

Starting with the above 7 ingredient vegan cheesecakes by Minimalist Baker. I recently discovered Dana’s blog and really love the healthier alternatives she presents. Plus, her photos are gorgeous and so inspiring! She’s currently offering a free 42 page Detox ebook which can be used as a great guide to eating clean now and especially after the holiday excesses.

Why these cheesecakes are a healthier dessert option: no animal product (no cow milk, no butter), gluten free (no flour), cashews are a good source of protein, use of dates as natural sweetener as well as agave nectar or maple syrup instead of white sugar (go with maple syrup if you can, it has a lower fructose index).

Tahini and almond butter cookies

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Why this is a healthier dessert option: no white sugar (maple sugar has a lower percentage of fructose), it’s gluten free and use’s buckwheat flour instead of white flower (more nutritious), contains natural peanut butter or almond butter (a nice source of healthy protein). Get recipe

Vegan gluten free chocolate cake balls

vegan, chocolate. balls, recipe, dessert, chocolate cake balls, healthy desserts

Why this is a healthier dessert option: recipe suggests using an unrefined sugar like coconut sugar which contains less fructose than white sugar, use of almond milk rather than cow milk. Get recipe

Chocolate banana almond butter bites

vegan, chocolate, gluten free, recipe, banana, almond butter, dessert, recipe, banana almond butter bites, healthy desserts

Why this is a healthier dessert option: I love that this recipe only contains 4 ingredients and three out of four of them are super healthy: bananas are a good source of potassium, unsweetened apple sauce is as harmless as it gets and almond butter provides protein. Get recipe

Flourless peanut butter cookies

Flourless peanut butter cookies, peanut, butter, cookies, flourless, gluten free, recipe, dessert, sweet tooth, easy, quick, simple, foodie, healthy desserts

Why this is a healthier dessert option: use of natural peanut butter rather than one filled with artificial ingredients, gluten free since it’s flourless (gluten causes inflammation). Now, the reason I put these guys last is that the recipe still requires 1 cup of sugar (an ingredient I am trying to steer clear from more and more because of it’s high percentage of fructose). You could substitute it with an ingredient that is lower in fructose but I haven’t tried that yet. Get recipe

Also, here are some suggested recipe books to get your creative juices flowing when you want to whip up healthy desserts:

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Remember that the goal is progress over perfection and that going to extremes is never healthy for your body or your mind. Allow yourself to indulge without guilt from time to time and balance your diet out with clean foods for most of your meals. Do you have any favourite healthy desserts? I’d love for you to share them below (include a link when possible)!

Feature image: Minimalist Baker

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