As you can see via all these recipes, I am BIG on yummy breakfasts. I have quite a huge appetite in the morning so it’s important that the first meal of the day be nutritious and that it give me the energy I need to power through until lunch time. This chia and berry breakfast parfait is slightly adapted from its original version that I found on the Green Kitchen app. I had already cooked a batch of my legendary cinnamon quinoa and also wanted to finish off left over yogourt so I just threw those guys in there.


125 g (250 ml) fresh or thawed frozen raspberries

1 pinch of ground vanilla (I didn’t have this but used vanilla almond milk for the liquid)

2 tbsp desiccated coconut, unsweetened

2 tbsp chia seeds

250 ml plant milk (they prefer almond milk as do I but you can opt for coconut milk or oat milk)

Topping suggestions

Nut butter (I used almond butter)

Hemp seeds


Fresh mint


1. Mash the berries in a bowl using a fork.

2. Add vanilla, coconut and chia seeds and combine.

3. Pour over the milk and mix vigourously. Set aside to soak for minimum 25 minutes or overnight in the fridge.

4. Serve in a bowl, glass or jar topped with nut butter, hemp seeds, fruit and mint.

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If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of discovering Green Kitchen Stories I strongly encourage you to check out their site as well as their apps. They have the most gorgeous mouth watering pictures and their healthy recipes are always a treat. They also have two gorgeous books including Vegetarian Everyday which I purchased a while back (will be posting some recipes from it shortly).

I also loved these double chocolate rye muffins and chia & cardamon pudding recipes which are from Green Kitchen Stories. And finally, if you are on Instagram, you need to follow David’s (one of the founders) account on here. His photos always inspire me to create some magic in the kitchen.

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