As a thank you to my loyal readers, I love showing some love by offering amazing gifts from time to time. Being part of the Red Fairy newsletter community has its rewards and the winner of the Crawford Street skincare gift set is Tammy Uyeda from Kamloops British Columbia! The gift set includes: the Essential Facial Oil (I swear by this product!), a Rose Geranium Toner and a Spearmint-Vanilla Lip Balm.

I want to thank you Tammy for following the Red Fairy`s adventures in travels, wellness, cooking, life and more. I love your enthusiasm, positivity and engagement (keep those comments coming!). I also want to share my gratitude with Gaelyne, founder of Crawford Street skincare. Her products are truly amazing and I want everyone to discover them (you can read why here).

If you are a Red Fairy Project reader and haven’t signed up for the weekly newsletter yet, I hope you will join us (you can do so here). Not because of the gifts you can win (although they are pretty awesome) but because it’s one of the ways you can feed your body, style and soul which is what the Red Fairy is all about. A big hug to every single one of you that hangs out here and let me know in the comments below what you’ve been loving and what you would like to read more of. Love y’all! xx

P.S. If you know some people in your posse that would love the type of content that we dish out every week, please feel free to share this post and invite them to discover some of the Red Fairy’s magic!

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