Last Thursday, I had a full on girly/self care day which included an amazing massage at l’Ovarium spa and a pedicure at Montreal’s only vegan and eco friendly nail salon Vong. I had actually been looking for a more eco friendly option to get my tootsies done and would have never imagined that a vegan salon was even possible!

So what is a vegan nail salon exactly? Well, have you ever stopped to think that most of those pretty nail polishes you love are tested on animals? Not so glamourous, right? In addition to this, some nail brands use animal by-products such as fish scales and even crushed beetles to make that shimmery polish sparkle (read more about that here). A vegan nail salon doesn’t use any products that involve testing on our furry friends or using any of their parts.

Focusing for a moment on the environmental and health factor, most nail salons use so many toxic chemicals that the strong smell in the air makes you nauseous when you walk in for your appointment. Plus, imagine the impact this has on the poor employees that work there and have to inhale that poison all day long! I’m all about pampering and primping but not at the expense of other living creatures and human beings…

In contrast, when you step into Vong salon, there is no eye watering odour or employees wearing masks. In fact, women sometimes bring their little girls for some fun mother-daughter time and young mom’s even stop by when baby is sleeping in the stroller. It’s great to take care of how we look but also be assured that we aren’t damaging our health for the sake of vanity.

Vong is located on St-Laurent boulevard at the corner of Mont-Royal, they offer competitive prices (a pedicure is $35 taxes included), their work is impeccable and I’ll say it again: ALL products used at Vong salon are vegan in addition to being a lot better for you and our lovely planet.

They also have a great selection of vegan nail polish brands to choose from such as LACC Beauty (a Canadian company), Zoya, Spa Ritual, American Apparel (yup, that one surprised me too), Pacifica and Nubar. As you can told, I am 100% sold on this nail salon and highly recommend you give it a try.

Before I sign off, I thought I would share my favourite shades from those available at the salon. If you know me, it’s no surprise that they are all neutrals and classics: 1940 by LACC (a dark red), Leah Satin by Zoya (a mat beige-y grey that unfortunately I can’t find sold individually online but I did find this 6 piece set), a pure black by American Apparel (can’t seem to find this one online either) and Peace & Harmony by Spa Ritual (the perfect mat white).

Do you know of any great eco friendly beauty spots in the Montreal area? Share them in the comments below! It’s so important to give visibility and spread the word about this smaller businesses that have great values and are bringing a much needed offering to the market.

P.S. If you want to know more about the toxic chemicals found it most nail polishes, read this article.

Image via The Haute Pursuit

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