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Do you listen to your inner voice?

inner voice, red fairy project, rumi, wisdom, daily inspiration, spirituality, personal development

There is an inner voice that doesn’t use words. Listen. To me, this refers to our intuition, instinct or gut feeling. Call it what you want but what it is, is our deepest truest self trying to come through the noise of our fears, what other people tell us and what we learn as we […]

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Make space for your future to show up

future to show up, potential, red fairy project, trust, faith, space, life, future, daily inspiration, danielle laporte, wisdom, guidance, personal development, self help, spiritiuality

My generation is a very driven one that goes for what they want and make things happen. Sometimes though, we have such tunnel vision that we forget to leave space for our future to show up, meaning leaving room for Life to do her thing and work her magic along with us. We must first […]

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See the possibilities everywhere

See the possibilities everywhere, daily inspiration, wisdom, personal growth

See the possibilities everywhere. Do you let yourself believe that you can live a life that’s far beyond simply getting by? Can you feel what is within you just waiting to be discovered? Do you know what to put out into this world for others to enjoy? Quiet the mind, let go of the fears and […]

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How do you see life?

you see life, how do you see life, wisdom, daily inspiration, personal growth, self help

How do you see life? Ever stop to think that we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are? The proof of that is if you look at how two people can react completely differently towards the same situation. One person stuck in traffic might get enraged while the other will […]

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This is not a dress rehearsal

not a dress rehearsal, life is not a dress rehearsal, yolo, daily inspiration, wisdom

Life is not a dress rehearsal. Don’t you find that we often tend to act as if it were? Taking on our days like we had unlimited amounts of them. We should all be getting out there on the stage and giving our best performance. Live passionately and put your best self forward. Imagine your […]

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Dreams do come true

dreams do come true, dreams, dream, daily inspiration, quote of the day, inspiring quote, daily quote, quote, inspiration, inspiring, inspire, inspired, quotes, positive quotes, positive quote, positive thinking, motivation, success, happiness, happy, wellness, wellbeing, coaching, wisdom, guidance, personal development, personal growth, self improvement, potential, spiritual, spirit, soul, spirituality, spiritual teacher, compassion, self love, mindful, mindfulness, mindful living, conscious living, conscious, awareness, red fairy project,

Dreams do come true but for that to happen, you have to let them come to the surface. They are within reach more than you think. Inspire yourself by looking at how others are living a life that resembles what your heart desires. Don’t envy, compare or focus on what you think is lacking in your […]

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Are you excited about your life?

excited about your life, passion, love, joy, happiness, daily inspiration, quote of the day, inspiring quote, daily quote, quote, inspiration, inspiring, inspire, inspired, quotes, positive quotes, positive quote, positive thinking, motivation, success, happiness, happy, wellness, wellbeing, coaching, wisdom, guidance, personal development, personal growth, self improvement, potential, spiritual, spirit, soul, spirituality, spiritual teacher

If you are not excited about your life, change it. Do you get up excited in the morning, grateful for the day ahead? If not, do you ever ask yourself why? I keep coming back to this but it’s funny how we forget that this life will go by so quickly so isn’t it a […]

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Are you bearing an untold story?

female entrepreneur association, maya angelou, quote, daily inspiration, wisdom, story, gift, bearing an untold story, happiness, gift

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you. And guess what? We all have one. We are all here to put something out into the world that will leave it better than when we arrived. It can be as simple as a delicious home cooked meal, a great song, a […]

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Just do it

guidance, coach, coaching, daily inspiration, wisdom, inspiration, do it, dreams, purpose, just do it, red fairy project, happiness,

Want to fulfill your dreams? Just do it. Living life in the shadow of our unrealized dreams is a sure way to feel like we’re empty and there isn’t much to be getting up for in the morning. Yes there are bills to pay but believe it or not you don’t have to choose between […]

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Trust your soul

trust your soul, spirit, spirituality, wisdom, daily inspiration

Trust your soul. It knows which direction to take you in and what choices are the right ones. The trick is to quiet the mind and to stop trying to make decisions only with your head. This is often where we get stuck and it seems to be our default setting. If you find that […]

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Design a life you love

red fairy project, Design a life you love, a life you love, daily inspiration, wisdom, gratitude, vision, spirituality, female entrepreneur association

You can design a life you love one small step at at time. Do you believe in this possibility and work towards it or do you go through your day just checking off the items on your to do list, thinking “I have to do this” and “I have to do that”? Do you take […]

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Be careful what you think

be careful what you think, red fairy project, daily inspiration , buddha, wisdom, personal growth, spirituality, self help

Your mind is a powerful thing and you must be careful what you think because your thoughts are translated into decisions and actions that create your reality. We need to remind ourselves of this on a daily basis and become aware of the impact our mental dialog is having on our lives. There is another […]

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All we need is love

love, all we need is love, daily inspiration, wisdom, love, personal growth, spirituality

All we need is love… Instead of making one day of the year about love on Feb 14th, why not focus on it with intention during the 365 days we have to create a powerful shift in our lives and the lives of others? So many of us are zeroed in on ourselves, our goals, […]

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Trust your gut

trust, trust your gut, gut, inspiration, intuition, wisdowm, guidance, personal growth, intuition,

Trust your gut. My friend, yoga teacher and mentor Bram Levinson once taught me that we need to bring our heart, head and gut into the key decisions we make in life. The problem is that we often just bring our head (that contains the voice of the ego and fears) or our heart (where reason […]

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A mantra for abundance

mantra for abundance, abundance, mantra, meditation, desire, inspiration, wisdom, red fairy project

“Everything I desire is within me.” This was my morning meditation mantra for abundance with Deepak Chopra and I had to share because it’s so powerful. When we take the time for stillness (whether it’s by meditating, cooking, walking) we create a space to tap into the resources that already exist within us. For years, […]

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Comparison is the thief of joy

comparison is the thief of joy, comparing yourself, comparison, quote, daily inspiration, inspiring, theodore roosevelt, wisdom, joy, guidance, coach, coaching, wellness, wellbeing, personal growth, personal development, self help, spirituality, success, motivation, goals

Comparison is the thief of joy. Earlier this week, I watched the powerful video below by Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association and it really hit the bullseye for me. She explains that when we advance in life and have accomplishments we are excited about but then compare them to others, it takes […]

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Allow yourself time to just be

being, just be, stillness, meditation, wisdom, inspiration, red fairy project

Take a few moments today to just be. Breathe, relax and enjoy where you are. Let go of the past, the future, the planning, analyzing, controlling and just be at peace. You have what it takes within you, you just have to create space in your day to get into contact with it and quiet […]

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Great things don’t come from comfort zones

comfort zone, fear, brave, courage, personal growth, self help, daily inspiration

Great things don’t come from comfort zones. Was just discussing this with my business partner last night. It’s funny how we resist stepping outside our comfort zone and yet that is when our greatest accomplishments come to life. Whether it’s the first kiss that blossoms into a beautiful relationship or the nerve racking interview that […]

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