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Stepping outside our comfort zone

comfort zone, coaching, coach, personal development, personal growth, self love, self esteem, self confidence, authenticity, inspiration, purpose, authentic self, wellness, well-being, health, healthy living, happiness. fears, comfort zone, stepping outside your comfort zone

This quote by Diane Arbus reminds me of the joys we can experience when stepping outside our comfort zone: “My favourite thing is to go where I’ve never been.” If you take this word-for-word you could say “Sure! I love travelling and discovering new countries!” But what about going somewhere you’ve never been from a […]

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Manon tu m’inspires!

tu m'inspires, Manon leduc, geneviève colmer, inspiration, inspire, inspirant, mentor, mentorat, mieux-être

Si vous me permettez, je vais écrire le billet d’aujourd’hui en français. Il concerne une personne qui a été une grande source d’inspiration dans ma vie et ce que j’ai à témoigner semble vouloir sortir dans la langue de Molière pour une raison quelconque. Au cours de ma carrière, j’ai eu la chance de côtoyer […]

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The war of art and being creative

the war of art, art, creative, creatives, creativity, art, book, steven pressfield, elizabeth gilbert, big magic, wellness, coach, coaching

Oh the war of art… It’s a constant a interior battle. How can something so wonderful and magical like art and creativity also be a struggle? It all depends on your intentions and expectations. I had been reflecting on my blog this week, on how it has been evolving (i.e. obsessing about analytics and audience […]

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Are your choices really yours?

your choices, daily inspiration, quote of the day, inspiring quote, daily quote, quote, inspiration, inspiring, inspire, inspired, quotes, positive quotes, positive quote, positive thinking, motivation, success, happiness, happy, wellness, wellbeing, coaching, wisdom, guidance, personal development, personal growth, self improvement, potential, spiritual, spirit, soul, spirituality, spiritual teacher

Today’s inspirational quote is by Carl Jung and is about footwear (in a metaphorical way): “The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.” My interpretation of this is that what makes one person happy might make another person miserable. Everyone has their own individual path and […]

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Daily Joy: 365 days of inspiration

365 days of inspiration, quote, qotd, mindset, positive mindset, purpose, fulfillment, fulfilling life, self realization, daily inspiration, quote of the day, inspiring quote, daily quote, quote, inspiration, inspiring, inspire, inspired, quotes, positive quotes, positive quote, positive thinking, motivation, success, happiness, happy, wellness, wellbeing, coaching, wisdom, guidance, personal development, personal growth, self improvement, potential, spiritual, spirit, soul, spirituality, spiritual teacher, compassion, self love, mindful, mindfulness, mindful living, conscious living, conscious, awareness, red fairy project, love

I have a confession to make: I am a commitment-phobe. I don’t like things that lock me down into having to do something every day. That’s probably one of the reasons I waited so long to launch my blog. I knew that once you put it out there, people expect updates on a regular basis. That […]

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Redefining success with Arianna Huffington

Redefining success, Arianna Huffington

Does trying to be successful feel exhausting to you? If your answer to that question is yes, you are not alone. Most people feel the pressure to make more money, gain recognition and climb the good old corporate ladder. Or, you might be an entrepreneur that is just starting out and could work 16 hours […]

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Yassou from Greece!

Rhodes, Greece, travel, stand up paddleboarding

Yassou! (“hello” in Greek). Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few weeks. I’ve been enjoying some amazing vacation time in Greece with Robert. At first, my intention was to do a few posts while I was here but after a few days I realized I needed to take a step back and […]

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The best chocolate cheesecake ever

chocolate, cake, cheesecake, recipe, dessert, chocolate cheesecake, baking, best chocolate cheesecake ever

This is the best chocolate cheesecake ever. No small claim I realize but I stand by my statement. This Châtelaine cake recipe has been a sure winner every time I’ve made it. It was a given that this would be my dessert of choice for the final sugar-coma inducing treat I would bring to my […]

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What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for, courage, fear, wellness, personal development, personal growth, coach, coaching, motivation, happiness, health, healthy living, full potential, inspiration

A friend of mine posted a question on Facebook this morning which lead me to another question which then lead me to this Gwen Stefani video. His question: Am I surviving or living? Good question to which I suggested going one step further: Are you surviving or THRIVING? I think that if you feel like you […]

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Coup de coeur: les chandelles Lucia

chandelles Lucia, chandelles soya Lucia, soya, eco, vert, environnement, chandelle, candle, lucia, home, maison, chandelle soya, chandelle santé

Je suis une fan de chandelles. Je trouve qu’elles créent un ambiance chaleureuse et relaxante. À défaut d’avoir un foyer dans mon petit condo, allumer une chandelle me donne un sentiment de réconfort et de paix. Dans le passé, j’achetais pas mal n’importe quelle marque jusqu’au moment où j’ai réalisé que certaines compagnies offraient des […]

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Double chocolate rye muffins

chocolate rye muffins, chocolate, rye, muffins, recipe, baking, dessert, gluten free,

Who doesn’t love chocolate? I think chocolate is one of those simple things that brings me great joy in life. Being someone who wants to treat my body well, I often look for healthier versions of sweet treats and desserts that I can make. These double chocolate rye muffins by Green Kitchen Stories are a […]

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Salted caramel and chocolate tart

Salted-caramel-and-chocolate-tart, chocolate, chocolate dessert, chocolate recipe, tart, chocolate tart

When I spotted this salted caramel and chocolate tart recipe in Chatelaine magazine, it was love at first sight and I knew I HAD to make it. It felt decadent when I was making it and tasted just as amazing as I had imagined when I took that first bite. As always, my favourite part of […]

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Versatile Vegan Nut & Fresh Herb Sauce

Fresh Herb Sauce, green, salad dressing, sauce, herbs, healthy, recipe, salad dressing, vegan, vegan recipe

Don’t you just love it when people know exactly what type of blog (and food) you are into and take the time to share something they discover that they know you will totally like? Case in point, food blog In pursuit of more. Just from the title, I knew I would dig it but it’s […]

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Muffins au thé vert et chocolat blanc

Muffins au thé vert , muffins, thé vert, trois fois par jour, matcha, chocolat, dessert, collation, sucré,

Je suis souvent interpellée par les images de recettes que je vois sur les blogues, Instagram ou Pinterest. Dans ce cas-ci, c’était la recette de muffins au thé vert et chocolat blanc du blogue québécois renommé Trois Fois par Jour qui a été ma source d’inspiration. Le site de Marilou est tout à fait mon […]

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Tahini & almond butter cookies

almond butter cookies, cookies, almond cookies, dessert, healthy cookies

I said it before and I’ll say it again, Green Kitchen Stories is one of my favourite food blogs. Not only do they feature delicious, healthy, vegan recipes but their photos are absolutely gorgeous and make me want to whip up a storm in the kitchen. Like I had mentioned in my chia and cardmon […]

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Vegan mango overnight oatmeal parfait

mango overnight oatmeal parfait

It seems that every few days, I discover a new food blog that is full of great recipes and so inspiring. A few weeks ago, my friend Liz sent me a Pin of this delicious mango parfait from blog Fo Reals Life (how can you not love that name?!). I repinned it and this morning […]

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Chia cardamon pudding

chia seeds, chia, chia pudding, dessert, recipe, chia cardamon pudding

If you are a foodie and in particular a healthy foodie, you have to check out Green Kitchen Stories, a vegetarian recipe blog with some of the most beautiful food photos I have ever seen. Created by David Frenkiel and Liuise Vindahl, the blog features healthy and simple vegetarian food with natural ingredients, whole grains, […]

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Spring favourites: J.Crew

denim, J. Crew, jeans, fashion, style, shopping, spring

I am a huge J.Crew AND denim lover so it’s no surprise that I want pretty much every piece of their new denim collection. I feel like you can wear denim on almost any occasion these days. You can dress it up or down depending on your mood. You just instantly up your cool factor […]

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