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Archive | August, 2015

Work hard. Stay humble

work hard, stay humble, marble, typography, motivation, inspiration, grey, black and white, success, happiness, daily inspiration, daily quote, quote of the day, qotd, words, wisdom, guidance, coach, coaching, personal development, art, style, design,

Work hard. Stay humble. Love starting the week with a good mantra. It can be nice to choose a mantra or an intention for your week in order to better guide you actions and decisions. Sometimes we forget what is at the core of who we are, why we do what we do or even our […]

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Passion fruit yogurt perfection

passion fruit, yogurt, dairy, morning, breakfast, recipe, healthy eating, ideas, food, foodie

If you have been following the Red Fairy Project here on the blog or via Instagram, you know this girl is a big breakfast lover. Not just any breakfast though. It’s got to be an inspiring breakfast! Healthy, pretty and not just the same old same old cereal or toast.  The base of this recipe […]

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The best is yet to come

best, come, future, positivity, positive thinking, daily inspiration, inspiration, inspire, inspired, inspiring, quote, qotd, wisdom, words, black and white, guidance, art, design, print, typography, personal growth, personal development, soul, happiness, joy, faith, believe, wellness, wellbeing, motivation

The best is yet to come. It’s so important on Sundays to set our focus and thinking in a positive mode. There might have been setbacks last week or perhaps some drama during the weekend but Sunday is the moment to let all of that go. Take a deep breath and release… You really don’t want […]

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Do that thing that makes you smile

smile, happy, daily inspiration, inspiration, quote, daily quote, quote of the day, qotd, wisdom, words, guidance, coach, coaching, soul, happiness, joy, angel kein, black and white, typography, design , style, personal growth, personal development, wellness, wellbeing, peace

You know that thing that makes you smile but you often push aside because there are more “important matters” to tend to? But what if that thing was important? What if that was IT? The path to happiness, bliss, inner peace and purpose? You might not think that your favourite hobby matters that much or […]

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You get what you focus on

focus, black and white, quote, daily quote, daily inspiration, quote of the day, wisdom, guidance, coach, coaching, typography, modern, inspiring, inspired, inspire, wellness, happiness, motivation, success, personal development, personal growth, positive thinking, mindfulness

You get what you focus on so focus on what you want. Sounds simple and logical right? But how many of us tend to focus on what we don’t want (debt, being alone, an unhealthy body)? The more we talk about whatever it is that we don’t want (ex: constantly saying how tired we are […]

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Pâtes aux courgettes, menthe & féta

pâtes, courgettes, menthe, féta, recette

Cette recette de pâtes aux courgettes, menthe et féta de Trois fois par jour est le repas parfait pour les soirs occupés de semaine. Facile à faire, bonne pour la santé et offrant un mélange de saveurs vraiment délicieux. Dans la recette originale, Marilou utilise des cheveux d’ange mais dans ce cas, j’ai opté pour […]

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Who inspires you?

daily inspiration, daily quote, inspiration, quote of the day, love, happiness, wellness, inspired, inspire, inspiring, black and white, movement, qotd,

Who inspires you? Why is this an important question to ask yourself? Because it’s a great way to notice if you actually surround yourself with inspiring people which is so important in creating a fulfilling life. Once you can identify who inspires you, tell them!! This is the perfect occasion to share your love and appreciation for […]

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Nectarine, feta and walnut salad

nectarine, salad, recipe, watercress, healthy eating, feta, cheese, vegetarian

After having a few cooler days here in Switzerland, it’s was back to warm weather and so my cravings for a light salad have returned. I whipped up this healthy recipe with left over ingredients we had in the fridge and it turned out amazing! The combination of the nectarine with the feta cheese and […]

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Have faith in yourself

faith, yourself, believe, self esteem, confidence, trust, daily inspiration, quote of the day, qotd, wisdom, guidance, words, typography, black and white, coach, coaching, happiness, wellness, soul

Have faith in yourself. Know how amazing you are, see the value you bring to this world and don’t doubt that you can accomplish your most precious dreams. I see so many incredible human beings around me that don’t realize the precious gifts they have and how they are enhancing the lives of those around them.It’s […]

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Good things come to those who hustle

hustling, hustle, daily quote, daily inspiration, quote of the day, qotd, inspiration, coaching, art, typography, black and white, happiness, motivation, success

Good things come to those who hustle. I’m so excited about today’s post because it features a stylish free screensaver by an artist I recently discovered called Angel Kein (a great example of someone who’s hustling). She created this beautiful image as a wallpaper/screensaver that you can download for your iPhone, iPad or desktop. I […]

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Love what is beautiful in life

love, beautiful, beauty, daily inspiration, daily quote, quote of the day, qotd, words, wisdom, typography, black and white, the love assembly, personal growth, personal development, spirituality, presence, wisdom, guidance, coach, coaching, happiness, motivation

Love what is beautiful in life and let the rest go. Appreciate all the beauty that surrounds you today from a loved one’s smile to a delicious breakfast. Beauty is everywhere around us but we must be present to notice and appreciate it. When we do start taking in all the little things that we should […]

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Weekend trip to England

sheep green field England_travel

Last weekend, we took a little trip to England for the Taylor’s annual Rum Fun party. It was also a celebration for Mr. Taylor’s 70th and for a certain someone who is turning 40 in a couple of days, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy so I cannot reveal who that is (you can probably […]

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Let yourself take a breather

angel kein, typography, black and white, breathe, breath, breather, relax, weekend, daily inspiration, daily quote, quote of the day, qotd, words, wisdom, happiness, wellness, guidance, personal development, growth, coach, coaching, print, artist

Let yourself take a breather. It’s the weekend. You’ve probably been looking forward to it all week so why not truly enjoy it? Take the time to just stop and be. It doesn’t mean you won’t get things done but at least you won’t be constantly running around moving on from one task to the next.Leave […]

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Anything is possible

possible, possibilities, J.K. rowling, daily inspiration, daily quote, inspiration, inspo, words, wisdom, believe, courage, personal growth, personal development, motivation, wellness, happiness, black and white, inspiring, inspired, guidance, coach, coaching

Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve. How’s that for some Friday inspiration? We shouldn’t be afraid to dream big and believe that so much more is possible if we keep our mind and heart open. We tend to think that we are just meant to live this simple little life but nothing is further […]

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Amazing vegetarian chilli recipe

recipe, chilli, vegetarian, tofu, healthy eating, beans, comfort food, foodie, food porn, food photography, food blogger

I wasn’t the biggest fan of chilli. Probably because of some traumatic childhood experiences at Wendy’s that involved running to the bathroom before my meal was finished and regretting I had ever set foot in the place to begin with. All that changed when the boyfriend made me his famous vegetarian chilli recipe. It’s soooo […]

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Don’t forget, you are magic

magic, typography, black and white, prints, louie luxe, art, daily inspiration, daily quote, quote of the day, qotd, wisdom, happiness, wellness, joy, inspired, inspire, inspiring, beauty

Don’t forget, you are magic. How often do you take the time to acknowledge the true beauty that is within you? Yes, it’s there even if you don’t entirely believe in it. Stop and take the time to notice the magic you are contributing to this world whether it’s through your talents, great sense of humour, […]

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Let go of what weighs you down

daily inspiration, daily quote, quote of the day, wisdom, guidance, personal growth, personal development, happiness

If you are waking up this morning and feeling like you can barely get through the mid week hump, maybe it’s time to look at what you are dragging with you that might be weighing you down. We all carry baggage with us but some more than others. Certain people carry so much baggage that you […]

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It feels good to give

give back, help, donate, causes, ovarian cancer

When I think about what is truly important to me, one answer keeps coming back: making a difference. That is my WHY (why I get out of bed and what motivates me) and it can be easy to forget when I get caught up in the daily grind tackling that long to-do list. One practice […]

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Listen to your heart

heart, intuition, true self, guidance, wisdom, paul coehlo, daily inspiration, daily quote, quote of the day, qotd, words, black and white, wellness, personal growth, personal development, happiness, peace, wellbeing, listen, stillness

Your heart knows the way. It guides you in whispers but sometimes the mind is so loud you don’t here them. The trick is to still the mind enough to let your heart’s voice become louder. How do you still the mind? Many ways are possible and you can find the one that works best for […]

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