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Archive | July, 2015

Happiness vs our comfort zone

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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Do you ever stop to think about where you are at in life vs where you want to be? Then, try to pin point what is keeping you from being in that desired state. We’re not talking about a bigger house or more money. It’s rather those […]

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Interrupt anxiety with gratitude

anxiety, stress, gratitude, practice, grateful, thankful, daily inspiration, quote of the day, qotd, inspiring, inspired, inspire, personal growth, personal development, happiness, peace, joy, coach, coaching, spirit, spirituality, guidance, wisdom, teacher, happiness typography, print, black and white, danielle laporte, truth bomb

Interrupt anxiety with gratitude. Wise words from Danielle Laporte and such a powerful practice. Whenever you feel there is not enough (time, money, love, success), pause and instead focus on all that you have to be grateful for.We are such a hungry society, always wanting more, more, more that we forget to cherish what we have […]

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Inhale compassion. Exhale judgement

inhale, exhale, compassion, love, daily inspiration, quote of the day, qotd, inspiring, happiness, personal growth, personal development, soul, spirit, spirituality, wisdom, guidance, typography

Inhale compassion. Exhale judgement. Compassion was the theme of my morning meditation and we should all make it our focus more often. I mean really, how often to do you think about how compassionate you are? It’s not something that is on our mind most of the time.As humans, we can be harsh to ourselves […]

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What is done in love is done well

love, intention, lisa messenger, collective hub, daily inspiration, quote, quote of the day, inspiring, qotd, personal growth, personal development, happiness, compassion, guidance, wisdom, inspiring, entrepreneur, typography, print, creativity, wellness

What is done in love is done well. I can always count on the inspiring Lisa Messenger to guide me and send me powerful reminders. It’s so important to surround yourself with people that inspire you to be the very best version of yourself.Sometimes, we get lost and we forget what we are truly about. When […]

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Spring rolls with peanut sauce

spring rolls, shrimp, peanut, sauce, recipe, asian, healthy eating, foodie, blogger

Who doesn’t love a delicious spring roll with yummy peanut sauce? I had a craving for exactly this earlier this week and having left over rice sheets from my last visit in Switzerland I figured we should use them up. I think spring rolls might seem like an intimidating endeavour to some people who don’t […]

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All you need is less

all you need, less, simplicity, consumerism, daily inspiration, inspiring, quote, daily quote, qotd, motivation, happiness, print, home decor, leysa flores, black and white, personal growth, personal development, wellness, beauty, design, art, print

All you need is less. If you’re yearning for some inner peace and want to release the chaos of the week, why not keep things super simple and paired down this weekend? No muss. No fuss. No elaborate planning or extravagant meals. Just simple joyful moments. Less attachment to stuff and outcomes and more love and […]

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Cruelty-free Sephora beauty brands

Cruelty-free Sephora beauty brands, cruelty free, compassion, not animal tested, beauty, makeup, skincare, lipstick, nail polish, skincare, blush, korres, deborah lippmann, tata harper, bare minerals, urban decay, butter london, bite, nude, dr dennis gross, josie maran

Hi guys! I just wanted to pop in and share this fabulous list of cruelty-free Sephora beauty brands made up by Cruelty Free Kitty. I know many of us love shopping at Sephora (it’s more than shopping, it’s an experience!) and I am grateful for this list as it guides me to make the right […]

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Apologize, forgive and forget

apologize, brave, courage, forgive, forgiveness, strong, forget, happy, happiness, release, daily inspiration, wisdom, quote, daily, guidance, qotd, inspiring, personal growth, personal development, coach, coaching, black and white, peace, wellness, wellbeing,

The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest. Relationships can be a complex thing. They can fill you up with joy, suck the life out of you and be down right confusing sometimes. In order to protect ourselves, we might put emotional barriers up. […]

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Intention is everything

intention, everything, mindful, mindful living, mindfulness, danielle laporte, truth bomb, daily inspiration, quote, print, qotd, wisdom, guidance, coach, spirituality, personal growth, personal development, black and white, inspiring, motivation, happiness, wellness, wellbeing

Intention is everything. Do you ever take the time to set an intention for your day? Another word for intention could be “objective” or “goal” but there is something a little softer and less performance oriented behind an intention.In yoga, we often set an intention for ourselves at the beginning of the class. It could […]

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All we have is NOW

all we have is now, society6, art, now, present moment, quote, qotd, daily inspiration, mindfulness, mindful living, consciousness, awareness, happiness, personal growth, personal development, coach, coaching, wisdom, guidance, peace, joy, wellness, wellbeing

All we have is now. There couldn’t be a more powerful truth or way to come back to your center and find inner peace. When you are fretting about the future, remember that all you have is NOW. When you obsess over the past, remember that all you have is NOW.When you don’t know what you […]

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New obsession: Fashion Bloggers TV

fashion bloggers, fashion bloggers tv, sara donaldson, fashion, bloggers, tv, you tube, reality, blog, harper and harley, zanita, photographer, stylist, oracle fox, kate waterhouse, nadia fairfax, fairfax journal, amanda shadforth, Zanita Whittington, Margaret Zhang,

I am utterly and completely obsessed with Fashion Bloggers TV. Why? Yes, the clothes are amazing, the girls travel to the more beautiful locations and they live a life I honestly envy (especially being a blogger myself) but more importantly my love for the show stems from the fact that it features inspiring, driven and successful […]

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Follow your intuition

follow your intuition, follow, intuition, smart, brave, courage, no shit, strong, kelly cutrone, quote, daily inspiration, happiness, monday, motivation, success, female, woman, women, entrepreneur, inspiring, wisdom, mentor, role model, personal development, growth, self help, wellness,

Don’t forget to follow your intuition. It’s one of the most precious assets you have.  When we learn to tap into that inner guidance, we get clarity on that next step to take or perhaps how to respond to difficult situations when they arise. This quote is by the one and only Kelly Cutrone. A powerful […]

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Why be normal when you can be amazing?

Why be normal when you can be amazing, daily inspiration, quote of the day, inspiring quote, daily quote, quote, inspiration, inspiring, inspire, inspired, quotes, positive quotes, positive quote, positive thinking, motivation, success, happiness, happy, wellness, wellbeing, coaching, wisdom, guidance, personal development, personal growth, self improvement, potential, spiritual, spirit, soul, spirituality, spiritual teacher, compassion, self love, mindful, mindfulness, mindful living, conscious living, conscious, awareness, red fairy project,

Why be normal when you can be amazing? Why waste energy trying to “fit in” when what makes you unique is also what makes you so fabulous? For so long I tried to fit the mould and do what I was told was the “right thing” but the right thing is different for every single person and […]

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Expectations vs Reality

Expectations vs Reality, expectations, reality, life, plans, personal growth, development, goals, ambition, success, happiness, daily inspiration, wisdom, guidance, wellness, quote, qotd, inspiring

Stress and anxiety often arise when there is a disconnect between expectations vs reality. The saying goes “Life is what happens when you are making plans.” It’s usually when we think that we have things all figured out (our plans, goals and what we believe we need to be happy) that life teaches us that […]

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What you tell yourself every day

thoughts, quote, qotd, daily inspiration, what you tell yourself, dialog, mind, mindfulness, mindful living, consciousness, awareness, happiness, personal growth, personal development, coach, coaching, wisdom, guidance, self help, improvement, self love, peace, joy, wellness, wellbeing

Have you ever noticed that you have a whole internal dialog going on in your head pretty much all the time? Are you aware of the nature of that dialog? Are they negative thoughts or positive ones? Do they lift you up or tear you down?Developing an awareness of what goes on in our head is […]

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Label écolo Créer vert de Simons

label, étiquettes, créer vert, coton, biologique, organique, Simons, Montréal, Québec, détaillant, vêtements, écologique, responsable, consommation, mode

Je sais que je peux toujours compter sur Simons pour dénicher des pyjamas ou sous-vêtements ultra mignons pour un prix abordable. Cela dit, j’ai été agréable surprise lorsque j’ai trouvé ce t-shirt de nuit (ou “jaquette” en bon Québécois) fait de coton biologique certifié de leur gamme Créer vert. Je n’avais pas eu vent que Simon […]

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Mistakes are proof that you are trying

Mistakes are proof that you are trying, mistakes, trying, proof, quote, qotd, daily inspiration, inspiring, inspire, wisdom, guidance, coach, coaching, happiness, success, courage, personal development, growth, self help, improvement, self love, wellness, wellbeing, soul,

Mistakes are proof that you are trying. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that making mistakes is A-OKAY. In fact, it’s all part of the human experience. As this quote says, it’s proof that we are trying at least. I don’t know why we are so afraid of mistakes. As if making one means that we […]

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