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You are here to do great things

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You are here to do great things.  This is something that we need to remind ourselves of everyday. Each of and everyone one of you that is reading this has truly unique gifts to offer and yet many of us leave them unexplored because of fear (which might go something like “I am so swamped, I don’t have time!”). We might think that we’re not that special and that many other people have done what we are secretly wishing to do, but you know what? That’s B.S. Nobody can do what you do exactly the way YOU do it.

Whether that’s bake a cake, teach yoga, paint, create an amazing outfit or grow the most gorgeous garden. What we do has our imprint and nobody else’s so next time you think “Who am I to do xyz”, change that inner dialog to Who are you not to share your gifts with the world?

Imagine if Alexander McQueen or Monet had thought “There are already so many talented artists out there, I’m just going to repress my creative inspiration and stick to something safe.” Seems crazy right?

Think of something or an experience in your life that has brought you joy. It came from someone’s imagination and was put into this world for others to enjoy. You can be part of that in bringing forth your talents.

It doesn’t have to be on a large platform to a big audience. If it affects positively even only one person, you are making a difference. Not only are you tapping into your source of joy because you are doing what you love but you are creating a special moment for others as well which can have an exponential effect.

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Image via Marie Forleo

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