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Stepping outside your comfort zone

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Ever think about how stepping outside your comfort zone could bring you more happiness? I can say that I used to be very comfortable. Had a full time job that paid well, I knew I had a steady pay check coming in every two weeks but there was something stirring inside of me, telling me there was something more than having great clothes in my closet and fabulous meals at hip restaurants.

There is nothing wrong with those things and I still enjoy them from time to time but I don’t use them to distract myself or feel fulfilled. For years, I knew that my authentic life was just outside my comfort zone. So many times the voice inside was telling me that I was meant to be an entrepreneur and be of service but for various external and internal reasons, I denied that voice. That was until I couldn’t any longer. The whispers had become a very firm and loud voice telling me the next step to take even though it was scary as hell.

We each have our path to follow and I’m not telling you to quit your job or your partner or anything else. The important message is just to be still, listen and see the signs of where you are meant to go next. If being truly happy means taking risks (it often does) don’t just look away and think that you are not capable or that or that your circumstances won’t allow it. You are capable of so much more than you thinkThe answers and resources are there for you to discover. Keep your eyes and mind open and take one step at a time out of that comfort zoneAnd don’t be afraid to pause and ask yourself every so often “Am I really happy or am I just comfortable?”

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