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Surrounding yourself with inspiration is so important! Every day, I make sure to expose myself to visuals, messages and content that inspire me. It can be a picture on my mood board, a video by an inspiring woman or books. I’ve been taking in a lot of inspiring reads lately, from Richard Branson to author and Collective Hub founder Lisa Messenger (I’ve read her two amazing books featured in this pic) . These people feed my mind and my soul so much. When you are in contact with something or someone that makes you feel that spark, that joy, it’s a sign that you are aligned with your purpose. For me, taking in information on how these successful entrepreneurs came to be where they are guides and inspires me.

The source of inspiration will be different for each person but be very aware of when it shows up. For this you must be present and notice the signs. I’ll be doing a vlog on how vision boards have deeply impacted my life, the decisions I made and how they can do the same for you.

It’s crazy how something (an image for example) can speak to you and at first you don’t know why. It just does. It can take weeks, months or even years before it becomes clear why a certain something lit up a spark and feeling or joy in you. In my case, it’s usually because it’s something I want and will accomplish. It’s like it’s already within me so when I see something or someone that represents it, I click with it. Make sure you create time in your life (Sundays are really good for that) to connect to inspiration and find the signs of what your purpose is and where you are meant to go.  {Spread the joy! ❤️ Share this post and help bring in daily inspiration into the lives of others.}

Recommended reads:


I suggest downloading the Kindle editions above as they are less costly (and can be read instantly) than the original paperback versions that come from Australia. If you are more of an iBooks kind of reader, head this way or if you prefer to purchase the print version, you can do so here.

(Feature photo credit: Lisa Messager on Instagram)


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