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Archive | May, 2015

The happiness formula

presence, present, thankful, grateful, gratitude, quote, maya angelou, spirituality, spiritual teacher, guidance, wisdom, daily inspiration, happiness, wellness, wellbeing, coach, personal growth, personal development, awareness, mindfulness, The happiness formula

Looking for the happiness formula or the recipe for more inner peace? Presence and gratitude are two sure ways to help you get there. The key to happiness is to realize that what you need already lies within. Stop searching for happiness via outside circumstances. What goes on out there is ever changing and can […]

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Remember the inner resources you possess

inner resources you possess, kind heart, fierce mind, brave spirit, daily inspiration, guidance wisdom, life lessons, soul, happiness, spirituality, spiritual, wellness, well-being, quote, red fairy project

Whether you currently feel it or not, you have a kind heart, fierce mind and brave spirit. It’s so important to remember the inner resources you possess. You are so much stronger than you think and you are capable of great love and kindness. Sure, we can get frustrated and discouraged and start doubting ourselves […]

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Grilled chili-lime fish tacos

fish, taco, tacos, recipe, meal, lunch, supper, idea, healthy eating, healthy living, meat free, mango, cilantro, lime, grilled, grill, fish tacos

One of my favourite activities is cooking a healthy meal and one of my favourite people to do this with is my friend and fellow blogger Chadi of Brunettes Have More Fun. A few weeks ago, she suggested we make this delicious grilled chili-lime fish tacos recipe and it was a winner. These tacos are a true feast […]

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Must-see movie: The True Cost (of fashion)

the true cost, andrew morgan, livia firth, documentary, sustainable style, movie, awareness, conscious consumerism

You know how I say that life shows you signs of what your purpose is? Well this morning, it was a tweet by eco fashion activist Livia Firth (wife of actor Colin Firth) that has got me pretty darn determined to make sustainable style part of the Red Fairy Project’s mission. The tweet linked to […]

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Be willing to let go

be willing to let go, joseph campbell, quote, qotd, daily inspiration, awareness, release, plans, purpose, faith, happiness, guidance, wisdom, personal growth, personal development, spirituality, spiritual teacher, coaching,

Love this quote by Joseph Campbell. Everyday we need to remind ourselves that it’s not entirely up to us, that there is a power greater than us at work and we must be willing to let go. Yes, we have a huge part to play but we don’t need to let the weight of the world […]

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Talent overpowers fear

fear, fears, talents, talent, gift, courage, brave, fearless, faith, purpose, happiness, path, wellness, wellbeing, motivation, inspiration, daily, quote, powerful, wisdom, guidance, teacher, leader, transformational, personal development, growth, coaching, spiritual, self help

Talent overpowers fear. Do you have an activity that you love doing so much that time just flies by when you are doing it? You feel alive and happy and your mind is at rest? If so, how much time do you create in your week for this source of joy? Have you ever asked yourself […]

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Decide to rise

rise, decide, quote, daily inspiration, guidance, spirituality, transformational, personal growth, personal development, wellness, well-being, happiness, peace, teacher, coach, awareness, consciousness, Decide to rise

Decide to rise. Rise above the drama, the worry, the ego, the mind chatter, the assumptions, the material preoccupations, the (self) judgment, the (self) doubt, the separateness, the fear of failure. The limited beliefs mindset that has brought you to where you are today will never bring you anywhere new.We have to change our perspective, view […]

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Gado gado sur lit de ramen

gado gado, salad, recipe, peanut, sauce, asian, tomatoes, vermicelli, noodles, healthy eating, meal, ideas

Si vous êtes une maniaque de toute recette qui contient du beurre d’arachide (en dessert ou repas principal), vous allez adorer ce gado gado sur lit de ramen. C’est un plat nourissant mais quand même léger donc parfait pour les journées plus chaudes qui s’annoncent. La recette provient du livre Recette du livre Cuisine Végé de Châtelaine, […]

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Living with regrets

Living with regrets, regret, regrets, chances, courage, believe, self confidence, self esteem, dreams, aspirations, purpose, wellness, wellbeing, personal development, personal growth, spirituality, spiritual, teacher, daily inspiration, quote, quote of the day, qotd, red fairy project

Be very careful of how you view your life decisions. Living with regrets can be like slowly ingesting poison over time. At first, you might not notice the effect it has on you but over the course of months and years it can deplete your energy and self confidence.Not only does it create a negative […]

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Flourless peanut butter cookies

Flourless peanut butter cookies, peanut, butter, cookies, flourless, gluten free, recipe, dessert, sweet tooth, easy, quick, simple, foodie, healthy desserts

I have a confession: I get very specific cravings (usually around THAT time of the month).  A couple of weeks ago, it was peanut butter so I promptly looked up easy recipes for gluten free peanut butter cookies and was thrilled to find this flourless peanut butter cookies recipe by the Food Network. I know […]

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You are here to do great things

daily inspiration, daily quote, qotd, wellness, wellbeing, great things, gifts, purpose, happiness, coach, teacher, guidance, spirituality, self help, personal growth, personal development, transformational, motivation, You are here to do great things

You are here to do great things.  This is something that we need to remind ourselves of everyday. Each of and everyone one of you that is reading this has truly unique gifts to offer and yet many of us leave them unexplored because of fear (which might go something like “I am so swamped, I […]

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Accept the moment just as it is

Accept this moment just as it is, regrets, resistance, anticipation, present moment, consciousness, awareness, spirituality, daily inspiration, guidance, life lessons, happiness

Is it hard for you to accept the moment just as it is? I think this is possibly one of the biggest struggles we go through as humans. Whether you want a totally different life for yourself or are simply lusting after the latest iThing that just came out, the general mindset is that happiness […]

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Asian quinoa salad

asian quinoa salad, asian, quinoa, salad, vegetarian, sesame, oil, edamame, recipe, healthy eating, meals, ideas,

If you make one recipe this week, it has to be this Asian quinoa salad recipe by Two Peas and Their Pod. My foodie friend and fellow blogger Chadi of Brunettes Have More Fun suggested this amazing vegetarian recipe for our little get together and what a treat it was! All the ingredients are super healthy […]

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Let go of your expectations

Let go of your expectations, spirituality, spiritual teacher, guidance, life lessons, coaching, lisa messenger, expectations, gratitude, wellness, wellbeing, personal growth, inspiration, daily, happiness, personal development, self help, peace,

Sometimes it can be good to let go of your expectations, even just for a day. Letting go of our expectations towards ourselves, others and life can allow us to breathe in an energy of ease and feel at peace with what is. When we hold high expectations, the energy it creates can be one of […]

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Allow yourself to be a beginner

grow, beginner, learn, excellent, happiness, guidance, life lessons, inspiration, quote, daily, spirituality, self love, spiritual teacher, wellness, wellbeing, personal growth, personal development, self help, motivation, Allow yourself to be a beginner

Allow yourself to be a beginner. A beginner at life, at being more spiritual maybe or whatever it is that you are trying to tackle. We can be so demanding of ourselves sometimes and if we don’t succeed right away we get discouraged or think that we aren’t capable. When that happens, throw some compassion and […]

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The world needs what you’ve got

The world needs what you've got, red fairy project, gifts, purpose, share, give, destiny, path, spirituality, daily inspiration, guidance, personal growth, self help, happiness, tips, transformational, self love, self improvement, spiritual teacher, leader, motivation, success

Do you realize everything you’ve got that you could be sharing with the world? You are full of gifts (your talents and passions) but do you take enough time to fully develop them? It’s not just a question of sharing your gifts with others. When you tap into your natural talents and do what you love, […]

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Stop worrying about what can go wrong

trust, faith, worrying about what can go wrong, focus, mindset, mind shift, positive thoughts, positive thinking, personal growth, personal development, spirituality, spiritual teacher, guidance, life lessons, coach, leader, transformational, happiness, faith, believe, red fairy project

Are you constantly worrying about what can go wrong? Fear dominates so many of our decisions. That’s why I like asking myself this one question when I feel stuck: What would I do if I wasn’t afraid? Think about that one very carefully and even delve into various aspects of your life and see where fear […]

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Portugal day 7: scintillating Sintra

monserrate, palace, park, sintra, lisbon, portugal, travel, europe, tours

Of all the sights that people recommend we visit while in Portugal, Sintra was mentioned the most often. After doing some research online including Pinterest, I could not wait to discover this magical place. We had a bit of a challenge planning our tour of Sintra as the train transportation system was on strike during […]

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