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Archive | April, 2015

Winner of the Red Fairy newsletter gift set!

relaunch giveaway, Red Fairy newsletter, crawford street, skincare, natural beauty, toner, lotion, oil, face, body, canadian, cruelty free, no parabens, healthy, eco friendly,

As a thank you to my loyal readers, I love showing some love by offering amazing gifts from time to time. Being part of the Red Fairy newsletter community has its rewards and the winner of the Crawford Street skincare gift set is Tammy Uyeda from Kamloops British Columbia! The gift set includes: the Essential Facial Oil (I […]

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Will this matter in a year?

Will this matter in a year, red fairy project, presence, wisdom, guidance, relaxation, happiness, wellbeing, coaching, personal development, personal growth, self help, spiritual, spirituality, stillness, daily inspiration, quote, qotd

Asking myself “Will this matter in a year?” is my favourite go-to question when I am worrying about something. This question allows you to put your worry in perspective and determine how important it truly is or will be in the short, medium and long term.Most often, the problem that we’ve been obsessing about won’t even matter […]

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Portugal day 5: beautiful Belém

belem, historical, portugal, Jeronimo, monastery, building, history, church, architecture, lisbon, lisboa

On day 5 in Lisbon, we headed back to beautiful Belém (visited on day 1) as we didn’t really realize what it had to offer during our first tour. This time, we had a specific destination in mind: the Jerónimos Monastery. Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones as you can see by the queues in the photos […]

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The divine in me honours the divine in you

yoga, spirit, soul, spirituality, coach, coaching, wellness, happiness, peace, The divine in me honours the divine in you, namaste, divine, light, honours

Ever take part in a yoga class and wondered what the mantra “namaste” pronounced at the end means? The term derives from Sanskrit and literally means “I bow to you.” It’s more commonly translated as “the divine in me honours the divine in you”. We are all beings made of the same energy. We come from […]

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You’ve just got to show up

just got to show up, red fairy project, daily inspiration, marianne williamson, spiritual teacher, spirituality, motivation, quote, qotd, wisdom, guidance, wellness, wellbeing, life lessons, personal growth, personal development, happiness, joy, peace, never give up,

One of the important lessons that I’ve learned, first in Gabrielle Bernstein’s teachings and then via my own personal experiences, is that you’ve just got to show up if you want to go anywhere in life. By showing up I mean giving it everything you’ve got and putting in the effort towards what’s important to […]

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Super yummy beetroot juice recipe

beetroot juice recipe, juice, juicing, juicer, healthy eating, clean eating, carrots, beetroot, apple,

First, let me start by saying that I would make this beetroot juice recipe for its vibrant pink colour alone. Of course, the health benefits of juicing should trump the look of the juice but it’s still fun to have something pretty to look at while you nourish your body with lots of good ingredients. […]

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Fears and limiting beliefs

fears and limiting beliefs, marianne williamson, quote, daily inspiration, qotd, wisdom, guidance, personal growth, personal development, spirituality, spiritual teacher, coach, wellness, wellbeing, fear, peace, happiness

Take account of where your life is at. Look at the week ahead and pin point what is in your life or not because of fears and limiting beliefs. If I hadn’t quit my job last year to start my own company I would have never seen this beautiful sunset or traveled to six countries within […]

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Start each day with a grateful heart

gratitude, grateful, happiness, heart, daily inspiration, quote, qotd, wisdom, love, happiness, joy, wellness, coaching, personal development, personal growth, healthy living, wellness

Start each day with a grateful heart. One of the key secrets to happiness. Every morning and every night I have the practice of being thankful for all the blessings and gifts I have I my life. From my mental, physical and spiritual health, to my family, friends and boyfriend. To my skills and talents, […]

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We can help Nepal

nepal, daily inspiration, help, earthquake, help Nepal.

Today’s Daily Inspiration is going to be used to elevate Nepal and be of service. Just heard the devastating news about the 7.9 earthquake and am taking action in two different ways to help. Hope you will join me. First, by meditating (call it praying, sending your thoughts or whatever you wish) and tapping into compassion, […]

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Is it time to unplug and reset?

time to unplug and reset, red fairy project, anne lamott, quote, daily inspiration, inspiring, wisdom, life lessons, guidance, coaching, coach, spirit, spiritual teacher, spirituality, soul, breath, meditation, peace, wellness, wellbeing, happiness, personal growth, personal development,

Check-in with yourself throughout your day and ask yourself if it’s time to unplug and reset. Notice how your body feels and if you see certain key indications of stress (is your jaw clenched or are your shoulders bunched up to your ears?) it’s time to unplug. Unplugging means to step away from distractions, nothing to […]

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Be here now

Be here now, be, here, now, present moment, stillness, sup, wellness, wisdom, spirit, soul, spirituality, spiritual teacher, life lessons, daily inspiration, happiness, peace, presence, red fairy project

BE HERE NOW. You are right where you are supposed to be. It might be hard to believe but it’s true. Whether the present moment feels good or not, it is what it is and wanting it to be different is what causes stress and unhappiness. It’s not to say that you should toss away […]

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My favourite Coco Chanel quote

Coco Chanel quote, daily inspiration, quote, inspiring, wisdom, wellness, guidance, life lessons, coco chanel, beauty, self, authentic, personal growth, personal development, self help, spirituality, spiritual teacher, coaching, happiness,

This Coco Chanel quote is amazing for so many reasons. It expresses how learning to love and be yourself is one of life’s most important lessons. Be yourself because you are beautiful. Don’t listen to that inner mean girl. You have so much to give and to experience but when you fear what others think or […]

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Laughter is the best therapy

daily inspiration, ee cummings, quote, qotd, daily quote, wisdom, life lessons, guidance, wellness, wellbeing, happiness, peace, laughter, spirituality, spiritual teacher, Laughter is the best therapy, red fairy project,

Laughter is the best therapy because it cleanses the body of tension and puts everything into perspective. We can be so focused on reaching our goals and creating a successful life that we forget to enjoy the journey. Humour is something super important to me and it’s a trait in people that deeply charms me. My […]

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Pomegranate, pear & pistachio salad

salad recipe, pistachio salad, pistachio salad recipe, pomegranate, pistachio, salad, pear, mint, feta cheese, nuts, recipe, foodie, eating, food, ieas, healthy living, wellness

As it happens with several of the recipes I whip up, I had been walking around with a mental image of this pomegranate, pear and pistachio salad in my mind for about a week until I finally just had to create it. Like I mentioned in my ricotta, tomato & spinach pasta recipe post (recipe in French), […]

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Letting go of worries

letting go of worries, worry, stress, mind, relaxation, peace, inner, stillness, daily inspiration, guidance, life lessons, personal growth, personal development, self help, wellness, wellbeing, healthy living, happiness, quote, quote of the day

Let’s focus on letting go of worries today and release all thoughts that create anxiety. Mondays can be tough for various reasons, whether it’s because you are going to a job that is less than thrilling or you are fearful you won’t be able to tackle everything on your to do list. When you are worrying […]

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Portugal day 4: Cascais

cascais, portugal, europe, travel, coast, coastl, town, resort, marina, boats, water, boardwalk, tourism, beach

Day 4 was spent discovering gorgeous Cascais (pronounced kush-kaish), a coastal town situated 30 km from Lisbon and one of the richest municipalities in Portugal. The former fishing village gained fame as a resort for Portugal’s royal family in the late 19th century and early 20th century (source: Wikipedia). I have to be honest, I didn’t do […]

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Don’t believe what the ego says

the ego, ego, peace, marianne williamson, quote, daily inspiration, daily quote, qotd, inspiring, wisdom, guidance, spirituality, spiritual teacher, wellness, wellbeing, happiness, stillness,

The ego: every one of us has it but we each let it impact our lives differently. Actually, even before that: some of us are aware of its presence and can observe the thoughts it creates (most often fear based ones) and others are totally identified with it, believing everything it says. I was speaking to […]

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Don’t take life too seriously

take life too seriously, eckhart tolle, buddha heart, quote, daily inspiration, daily quote, wisdom, life guidance, 10 to zen, breathe, meditation, consciousness, awareness, presence, mindfulness, mindful living, spirit, spiritual, teacher, spirituality, coach, coaching, happiness, wellness, wellbeing, joy, personal growth, personal development, self help

Don’t take life too seriously. I can speak for myself when I say that although I am a spiritual person that meditates every day, I do tend to take life too seriously sometimes. On one side it can be good as my attitude is that I want to make the most out of my time here […]

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What to let go of to be more Zen

be more Zen, red fairy project, buddha heart, quote, daily inspiration, daily quote, wisdom, life guidance, 10 to zen, breathe, meditation, consciousness, awareness, presence, mindfulness, mindful living, spirit, spiritual, teacher, spirituality, coach, coaching, happiness, wellness, wellbeing, joy, personal growth, personal development, self help

Let’s use this is our roadmap for today. We can check in every so often (I’ve scheduled a 10-2-Zen reminder on my phone three times throughout the day) and see what negative energy that is there that we want to let go of to be more Zen. This can take only 30 seconds if you like. The […]

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Portugal day 3: swimming with the sharks

sunset, lisbon, lisboa, portugal, palm tree, waterfront, beach, ocean, river tagus, view, scenic, romantic, travel, vacation tourism, europe

Robert and I have a deep fascination for the underwater world so visiting the Lisbon Oceanarium was a must for us.  Of course, the first priority of the day was food and Robert’s morning ritual was to get fresh pastries from local bakeries. Today was a just out of the oven, still warm, melt in your […]

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