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Archive | March, 2015

Sunshine in your soul

Sunshine in your soul, wellness, wellbeing, spirituality, spiritual teacher, personal growth, personal development, happiness, peace, life guidance, daily inspiration, wisdom, life lessons, coach, coaching, quote, qotd, daily quote

Is there sunshine in your soul today? Do you think it’s even possible for you to wake up and feel like you are grateful for the day ahead? Would you like to feel like that more often? If so, it’s possible. The first step is to realize what is currently going on inside and if […]

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Do something for your future self

Do something for your future self, wellness, wellbeing, spirituality, spiritual teacher, happiness, peace, personal growth, personal development, inspiration, daily inspiration, guidance, wisdom, qotd, daily quote, life lessons, coach, coaching,

A very late posted Daily Inspiration but I was on a plane crossing an ocean so I guess that’s a pretty good reason. Feeling super grateful for having the good fortune of discovering beautiful Portugal and spending some quality time with my man. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds! Have a great week everyone! […]

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How travel makes you richer

travel makes you richer, travel, vacation, tourism, richer, daily inspiration, vacation, quote, globe trotter

Travel makes you richer for so many reasons.  As my departure day to Portugal approaches, I realize just how lucky I am. I live to travel and to discover new people and places. This world is filled with beauty, magic and mystery and I want to see every corner of it. I love to step outside my […]

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Follow your soul

follow, soul, instinct, gut, intuition, inner voice, personal growth, personal development, coaching, daily, inspiration, wisdom, wellness, wellbeing, happiness, peace, joy, guidance, follow your soul, red fairy project

Follow your soul, it always knows the way. It’s the mind that can make clarity difficult sometimes. It throws in our fears and insecurities and can keep us from making difficult decisions. It wants to keep us “safe” but that safety is often an illusion. I’ve been struggling with a few difficult decisions this week. […]

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You can’t make everyone happy

You can't make everyone happy, happiness, joy, wellness, daily inspiration, wisdom, red fairy project

A little bit of humour to start the day off right but also as a reminder that you can’t make everyone happy and trying to is a losing battle. When we try to please everyone, we are looking for love and approval on the outside. This creates stress as you are dependent on others for […]

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Portugal here we go!

Lisbon, portugal, europe, travel

After careful consideration, Robert and I have decided that we are going to reunite in Portugal this coming Sunday. Do I need to state how excited I am? Not only will I be traveling to a European destination that has been on my wish list for a long time, but I will also be seeing […]

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You don’t have to do it all

You don't have to do it all, red fairy project, peace, wellness, wellbeing, happiness, personal growth, personal development, spirituality, spiritual growth, daily inspiration

We all need to tell ourselves “you don’t have to do it all” and this is a great reminder.  I actually use this image as my desktop wallpaper so I see it every time I open my computer. It’s funny how we are human “beings” and yet we are most often stuck in the “doing”. […]

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Be brave, be badass

be brave, red fairy project, brave, courage, instinct, intuition, daily inspiration, qotd, daily quote, guidance, personal growth, personal development, coaching, happiness, joy, peace, decisions, wellness, wellbeing, spirituality, spiritual teacher

To be brave is not to be fearless, it’s being afraid and moving ahead anyways. An act of courage for one person can be effortless for another and vice versa. Don’t compare yourself, your comfort zone or your challenges to anyone else’s. We each have our unique path to follow. Being brave and stepping outside our […]

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How to truly find your purpose

purpose, EE Cummings, quote, inspiration, wellness, coaching, personal growth, personal development, self help, purpose, path, motivation, exercise,

In last Saturday’s Daily Inspiration post, I mentioned that I would be sharing an exercise that I find really useful to help identify your purpose. In fact, it goes even a little further than your “purpose” but I will leave it at that for now. Trust me, it’s worth doing. The following 3-step exercise is […]

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You are capable of amazing things

You are capable of amazing things, red fairy project, motivation, self help, personal development, personal growth, happiness, joy, peace, purpose, amazing, qotd, daily inspiration, daily quote, wisdom, life guidance, spirituality, spiritual teacher, wellness, wellbeing,

You are capable of amazing things. Not only are you capable but it’s part of the reason you are here. Our life isn’t random. We have lessons to learn and gifts to share. We are meant to connect and collaborate with others, not compete. Look inside, do your thoughts create separateness or do they make […]

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Everything happens for a reason

purpose, faith, believe, universe, divine spirit, spiritual teacher, guidance, coach, spiritual growth, personal growth, personal development, happiness, wellness, wellbeing, daily inspiration, wisdom,

Yesterday, I spent some time with a beautiful soul for a private yoga class. Our discussion reminded me of what’s important to focus on when we feel lost or when going through a crisis. It might feel like we are in total darkness and will never find our way back but we do have everything […]

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A daily practice of authenticity

authenticity, authentic self, brene brown self love, self acceptance, wisdom, daily inspiration, coaching, wellbeing, happiness, peace, embrace, quote, daily quote, qotd, life guidance, personal growth, personal development, self help, self esteem, love

Authenticity is definitely the theme of this week. On Wednesday, when we had our female entrepreneur networking event, I realized that when we put our true self out there, magic happens. If this had been just a couple of years ago, I would have been nervous about being part of a group gathering because I […]

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Let your inner light shine

Let your inner light shine, shine, inner light, purpose, gift, authentic self, soul, spirit, destiny, daily inspiration, wisdom, qotd, life guidance, happiness, wellness, peace, path, spiritual teacher, spirituality

Yesterday, I witnessed beautiful women entrepreneurs letting their inner light shine. I was so inspired by how they opened up to a group of strangers and were their complete and total authentic selves. By making themselves vulnerable, they allowed for an influx of love, acceptance and compassion and it was a really special moment to […]

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You were born to do great things

red fairy project, do great things, gift, purpose, spirituality, spiritual teacher, guidance, wisdom, daily inspiration, life lessons, qotd, quote, happiness, joy, peace, give, wellness

We are all here to share our gifts, connect to others and do great things. Our thoughts and actions affect those around us and we truly do have the ability to change someone’s life. Don’t ever waste the gifts you have because you underestimate them or are fearful. This morning, I am grateful to be gathering […]

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Les soins Reficis: suisses, naturels et vegan

reficis, soins, beauté, naturel, vegan, sans cruauté, traitement, cheveux, visage, gel nettoyant, doux, écologique

Tout d’abord, je dois vous dire qu’en écrivant ce billet, je suis super nostalgique de mon temps passé en Suisse et je réalise à quel point je m’ennuie de ce magnifique pays et de mon homme! Heureusement, j’y retourne bientôt donc mettons ma vie personnelle de côté et passons aux choses sérieuses. Je me dois […]

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Super healthy energy balls

healthy energy balls, energy, balls, snack, protein, nuts, recipe, healthy, eating, wellness, active, coconut, gluten free, vegan

When you get that 3 o’clock sugar craving, what do you reach for? Or how about when you are rushing to the gym and start to feel a grumble in your tummy? This super healthy energy balls recipe from Prana is dead easy and will give you a delicious snack for when you are on […]

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Create your success from within

red fairy project, success from within, success, within, mantra, meditation, daily inspiration, wisdom, personal growth, personal development, spiritual teacher, spirituality, wellness, happiness, wellbeing, joy, peace, deepak chopra, oprah, stillness

“I create my success from within.” I love this reminder so much. It’s the mantra from day 1 of the new Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation experience, Manifesting Success. We so often define ourselves (our value) by outside circumstances and by what others think of us. This way of defining success (our job title, material […]

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Don’t apologize for who you are

Don't apologize for who you are, red fairy project, the daily love, mastin kipp, daily inspiration, wisdom, life guidance, lessons, motivation, happiness, spiritual teacher, healer, meditation, purpose, happiness, wellness, wellbeing, peace, joy, coach, self confidence, self esteem, qotd, quote

Don’t apologize for who you are. Embrace it. Not only are you enough, but in fact, you are amazing. Let this land not from a place where the ego stands but from your true self. You’ve gotten glimpses of it in moments of silence, perhaps in nature or when surrounded by true beauty. When those […]

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