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Archive | January, 2015

What do you want to attract in your life?

want to attract, inspiration, focus, meditation, wisdom, deepak chopra, attraction, desire, goals

“Today, I focus on what I want to attract into my life.” This was my morning’s meditation mantra from Deepak Chopra which I thought I would share since we sometimes tend to focus on what is lacking in our lives rather than on the abundance we already have (love, creativity, wisdom, experience, health, inspiration). When we […]

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Great things don’t come from comfort zones

comfort zone, fear, brave, courage, personal growth, self help, daily inspiration

Great things don’t come from comfort zones. Was just discussing this with my business partner last night. It’s funny how we resist stepping outside our comfort zone and yet that is when our greatest accomplishments come to life. Whether it’s the first kiss that blossoms into a beautiful relationship or the nerve racking interview that […]

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You choose how you see your life

daily inspiration, wisdom, choices, personal growth, red fairy project, choose how you see your life

There is joy in knowing that you can choose how you see your life as well as the day ahead of you. Is it an endless list of tasks or maybe there are opportunities hidden amongst the busyness? You can spot the chance to make someone who is stressed smile or create a connection with […]

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You don’t always need a plan

you don't always need a plan, red fairy project, daily inspiration, wisdom, let go, breathe, trust, believe, let go, faith, personal growth

When you stop trying to control everything and accept that you don’t always need a plan it’s amazing what can unfold. Yes, we have our part to play and must do the work but then there is a moment to let go and allow those actions to merge with a creative energy that is does […]

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Red Fairy Project relaunch giveaway!

relaunch giveaway, Red Fairy newsletter, crawford street, skincare, natural beauty, toner, lotion, oil, face, body, canadian, cruelty free, no parabens, healthy, eco friendly,

The launch of the new Red Fairy Project is beyond exciting for so many reasons. One of them of course is the design makeover but beyond appearances, there are new experiences in store for you. Starting with a special something for my loyal readers. Red Fairy Project newsletter subscribers get a chance to win a […]

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Why you need to read #GIRLBOSS

girlboss, book, read, biography, entrepreneur, business, inspiration, sophia amoruso, wellness

I had heard such great comments about Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS that I was thrilled when good friend and fellow blogger Chadi (Brunettes Have More Fun) loaned me her book. #GIRLBOSS is not only the success story of NASTY GAL, a thriving fashion e-commerce site, it’s also the tale of a girl that never quite fitted […]

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Recette salade d’amour

salade, salade d'amour, épinards, santé repas facile, repas santé, idée recette

(English recipe link at bottom of post) Hier à l’épicerie, j’ai fait un petit exercice afin de voir la différence côté ingrédients (et donc impact santé) pour un aliment aussi simple qu’un raisin sec. Trop souvent, on prend l’item qui est en spécial ou la marque avec laquelle on est familière sans vraiment se soucier […]

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7 recipes to fight breakfast boredom

smoothie, blueberry, blueberries, morning, recipes, meals, chia, quinoa, breakfast

At this time of year when your daily rise often takes place in the dark (and cold), it’s easy to get gloomy doomy. Although it’s a fact that mornings can be tough, you can turn them into a treat with these 7 breakfast recipes that will shake things up for you in the kitchen. Let’s […]

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Crevettes au miel et sésame

crevettes, sesame, ricardo, recette, asiatique, crevettes au miel

Si vous cherchez une recette simple mais pleine de goût, ces crevettes au miel et sésame de Ricardo sont exactement ce qu’il vous faut. Un plat à saveur asiatique qui se fait rapidement mais dont l’apparence donne l’impression que son auteur a travaillé fort pour le réaliser. On peut le servir en tant qu’entrée/tapas ou […]

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Deux salades d’hiver réconfortantes

grilled, vegetables, salad, aubergine, zucchini, recipe

Après les fêtes, mon corps me demande toujours de le nourrir de légumes et de repas légers. Cela dit, je suis rarement inspirée par des salades style laitue, tomates, concombre parce qu’elles me laissent rarement satisfaite. Aussi, on dit que lorsqu’il fait froid, c’est très demandant pour le système digestif lorsqu’on lui envoie des aliments […]

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