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Archive | November, 2014

Welcome to Barcelona: day 1

arc de triomphe, barcelona, barcelone, spain, espagne, travel, europe, wanderlust

I’ve had the good fortune of spending the last two months in Europe (I now split my time between Canada and Switzerland) and just before heading back to Canada, I made a quick hop to Barcelona to join my dad for some father-daughter traveling. He had arrived the previous Saturday with his girlfriend and was […]

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Switzerland, you’ve stolen my heart

switzerland, hergisiwil, travel, europe, mountains, alps, lake

I’ve been sharing my journey in Switzerland via Facebook and Instagram during these past 2 months and now that I am off to Barcelona I thought I would feature the highlights of this gorgeous country with a proper post. I am so grateful for all the wonderful moments I have experienced to date as well […]

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Recette de biscuits au pain d’épices

biscuits au pain d'épices, gingerbread, cookies, christmas, baking, gingerbread men, biscuits, recette, recette biscuits, recette biscuits pain d'épices

Vous savez comment certaines odeurs peuvent évoquer des souvenirs très puissants? Pour moi c’est la cannelle et plus particulièrement les biscuits au pain d’épices. Je me souviens d’avoir aidé ma grand-mère à préparer cette fameuse recette et bien des années plus tard ce sont mes cousines et moi qui avons pris la relève pour poursuivre […]

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3 precious life lessons from Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe

I’ll be honest, I never thought I would say that a celebrity stylist taught me major life lessons. That being said, when you have such a strong admiration for someone like I’ve had for Rachel Zoe, you have to dig deeper to understand the reasons behind it. My interest in stylist/designer/editor/author Rachel Zoe started when […]

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Mes 5 desserts au chocolat préférés

desserts au chocolat, dessert, desserts, dessert au chocolat, recette chocolat, gâteau

(English below) Pour plusieurs d’entre vous, il neige dans votre coin de pays et bien que moi je serais énervée comme une petite fille de huit ans, ces conditions météo ne semblent pas plaire à tous (selon vos commentaires outrés aperçus sur les médias sociaux). En ajout à ceci, viendront pour certains les blues du […]

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Bohemian jewelry and beautiful blooms

free people, earrings, statement earring, jewelry, accessories

It’s Friday and it’s grey here in England so I have immersed myself in the most inspiring images of bohemian jewelry and gorgeous flowers. I’ve had blooms on my mind all week for some strange reason. Perhaps because I have been surrounded by such natural beauty since my arrival in Europe. Whatever the reason, my […]

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Caverns, castles and other beauties from the UK

castle, Caernarfon Wales

As if I wasn’t lucky enough to have spent the last month and a half living in Switzerland, this week, I have the immense pleasure of traveling to England for some family time with Robert’s parents. Great Britain’s beauty takes my breath away every time I visit. In the past, I have been extremely lucky when […]

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Learning to live with less

learning to live with less, less is more, consumerism, spending, buying, shopping,

I’ve always been and always will be a glamour girl who loves beautiful things. I like saying that I am a spiritual girl living in a material world and I think it’s actually a great balance that we should all aim for. It was particular circumstances in my life that created an important mindset shift […]

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Watch: the boho fashion accessory I can’t live without

bracelet, accessories, fashion, shopping, swiss, yoga, bohemian, boho fashion accessory

You know that feeling of falling in love with something so badly you want to buy the item in every colour? That’s what happened to me when I discovered boho fashion accessory designer Bianca Sissing and her Everything has purpose bracelets. What started out as an innocent crush on a designer’s beautiful creations quickly developed […]

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Meditation for beginners

health, healthy living, meditation, meditate, relaxation, practice, wisdom, spirituality, soul, relax, inner peace, calm, concentration, focus, tips, teacher, wellness, wellbeing, health, deepak chopra, oprah, gabrielle bernstein, coach, coaching, happiness, meditation for beginners, red fairy project, anxiety

If you’ve been wanting to give meditation a try whether it be to reduce your stress level or quiet your mind, you are in for a treat with these 7 easy meditation for beginners tips that are just in time for Deepak Chopra’s and Oprah’s 21 Day Meditation Experience. It’s the perfect occasion to bring […]

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Pretty pink smoothie with chia pudding

smoothie, chia seeds, breakfast, snack, healthy eating, passion fruit, coconut, pink smoothie, chia pudding

This chia pudding smoothie is so delicious and pretty that you will want to make it over and over again. I am a true smoothie lover but sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and just keeping making the same recipe* (I’ve included it at the bottom of the post because it’s still […]

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