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Archive | July, 2014

Hergiswil Switzerland: home is where the heart is

Hergiswil Switzerland, hergiswil, switzerland, swiss, travel, europe

I just got back from spending three amazing weeks in Hergiswil Switzerland. Why Hergiswil? Because that is where my boyfriend is now located. I wanted to see if this urban girl could see herself living in a town of 6000 people and just 14.2 km2. Just as a point of comparison, Montreal hosts over 1.8 […]

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Coups de coeur à Lausanne

lausanne, Suisse, europe, voyage, tourisme, Place de Palud

Je dois tout d’abord vous dire à quel point ma visite à Lausanne a été mémorable et ce, pour plusieurs raisons, mais la plus importante est que j’y ai rencontré une fille ultra sympatique qui vient du Québec nommée Julie-Catherine. Tout comme moi, Julie est blogueuse, passionnée du mieux-être et a quitté le Québec pour […]

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I heart Lucerne

lucerne, luzern, switzerland, suisse, europe, travel, bridge

I was struck by the immense beauty of Lucerne as soon as I stepped out of the train station.   It’s a city that has the perfect mix of tradition, history and contemporary flare. It’s romantic, energetic and enchanting. Here are a few more reasons why Lucerne has a special place in my heart. I loved […]

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Why your intuition is your most valuable asset

personal growth, personal development, heart, gut, intuition, spirituality, wisdom, guidance, wellness, wellbeing, happiness, coach, teacher, self help, red fairy project

Over the past months, I’ve had the honour to be interviewed on a few occasions to share the story of why and how I decided to “give it all up” and follow my dreams. As I recounted the path that lead me to several important decisions (the biggest one being quitting my job), I realized […]

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The ultimate yogi experience at Living Yoga

Living Yoga , yoga studio, yoga class, yoga Switzerland, yoga Luzern, yoga Lucerne, wellness

Last Monday, I had my first Swiss yoga experience. I didn’t know what to expect from the local yoga scene when I arrived but I have been pleasantly surprised.  When I did a search for “yoga Hergiswil” (where I am staying) I was happy to find Living Yoga, a studio located just a few minutes […]

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Quinoa breakfast bowl

quinoa, breakfast, quinoa breakfast bowl

For those of you who follow me on Instagram,  Facebook or Twitter, you know just how much I love me a good breakfast bowl. I often use the same base which is quinoa sprinkled with cinnamon. Quinoa gives me what I need in a morning meal as I am a gal with a pretty good […]

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Top picks of the 2015 resort collections

2015 resort, 2015 collections, 2015 resort collections, resort collections, burberry, burberry prorsum, miu miu

I haven’t done a style related post in soooo long and with the 2015 resort collections just ending, I thought I would make the fashion fun last a little longer and present you my top picks. I might be more yogi than Yamamoto now but that doesn’t mean that I’m not still obsessed with fashion […]

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Guten Tag from Switzerland!

travel, Swiss, Suisse, Switzerland, guten tag from switzerland, expat, wanderlust, tourism

Hi guys! I am writing you from Switzerland sitting at a makeshift desk in an almost empty living room. There are tools on the floor and Ikea instructions piled on the table next to my laptop. Although my set-up is pretty basic and there is a slight feeling of organized chaos around me, I can […]

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