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Nature Girl: luxurious organic beauty

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I am so in love with NATURE GIRL organic beauty range. I was turned on to natural beauty products about 8 years ago when visiting San Francisco. I went a little crazy in the beauty aisle at Whole Foods as they had more choice than any store in Canada. I had cut out pages from my favourite fashion magazines that featured natural products I wanted to try that weren’t yet available in Canada. I can’t remember exactly what I bought during that trip other than a Juice Beauty face cleanser and Pangea Organics soap but I do remember it was the start of a mission: finding beauty products that I could feel good about putting on my body, that didn’t harm the planet or its inhabitants. Over the years, I tried different brands ranging from organic concoctions to “natural” ingredient based products (free of parabens, phthalates propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin and DEA).

Until recently, Origins was a fan favourite but when I discovered they did animal testing I was a little less enchanted. Because buying cruelty-free products has become important to me, I do my best to opt for brands that align with these values and so I am always on the quest to find the latest and greatest in that beauty niche. It was by a stroke of luck that I happened to discover Nature Girl and man am I glad I did. A friend and ex-colleague of mine that works at LOULOU Magazine brought me some natural beauty products to thank me for giving her a private yoga lesson and the Nature Girl I am Arizona bath and body oil (lavender) was part of the package she gave me. You can view my post about this little bottle of heaven here. As soon as I tried it, I was hooked and immediately wanted to find out what other amazing products Nature Girl offered. I contacted their PR department and very quickly received the nicest email from a girl named Mary who then quickly shipped me a box full of awesomeness which included the products below that I had the pleasure to test.*

Before we dive into my review, here is a little more about this amazing brand (from their website):

Nature Girl uses all natural, organically grown and wildcrafted ingredients, carefully cultivated on small family-run organic farms from all regions of the world to provide you with products that protect and nurture your skin and your health while also protecting the environment. We do not use any synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes or animal testing. All of our nut, seed plant and flower oil are cold pressed and refined using old fashioned methods such as paper filters and natural clays, and our essential oils are organic or ethically wildcrafted and steam distilled. Nature Girl products are:


 jasmine lime shea butter body cream $68

nature girl, body butter, natural beauty, paraben freeVerdict: I love, love, love everything about this body cream. It’s rich without being greasy, penetrates the skin immediately, the smell is heavenly (fresh, natural, energizing) but not overpowering and a little goes a long way. Buy here

I am pure luxe botanical face cream $48 USD

face cream, nature girl, paraben free, natural beautyVerdict: Great texture and very discreet smell. It melts quickly into the skin and gives you a nice glow. Buy here

lavender orris mango butter body cream $65 USD

lavender, body butter, natural beauty, nature girl, paraben freeVerdict: Goes on nicely just like the jasmine lime body cream does but there is almost no smell to it. Although I don’t like to smell like a walking perfume bottle, I do enjoy the aromatherapeutic experience when applying body lotion so I would have liked a bit of a stronger scent while still staying on the subtle side. Buy here

rose bud luxe organic bulgarian red rose petal nutrient rich facial mist $49

Rose bud facial mist, nature girl, natural beauty organic beauty, paraben free, cruelty free, Verdict: Beware, this little bottle can be very addictive! I now even spray it in my bedroom or on my pillow before going to sleep because I love the smell of it so much. In addition to it’s wonderful natural fragrance, it soothes sensitives skins (such as mine) and is perfect to give your face a little mid-day boost thanks to its energizing ingredients. Buy here

blue chamomile botanical body wash $39

chamomille, body wash, natural beauty, nature girl, paraben free, cruelty freeVerdict: There is something so enjoyable about using natural/organic products when in the shower. They truly have a unique fragrance that transports you to some exotic location and immediately calms you. This body wash is gentle on your skin and doesn’t leave it feeling dehydrated or “tight”. Buy here

flower power lavender orris botanical body lotion $49

lavender body lotion, organic, nature girl, cruelty free, natural beautyVerdict: My comment here would be the same as for the lavender orris mango body cream: it feels great, does an excellent job of hydrating but I would have liked a little more sensory enjoyment from a smell point of view. For those who look for non-scented products, this would be perfect. Buy here

I am organic bergamot chamomille and grapefruit organic body oil $45 USD

organic, natural beauty, body oil, nature girl, paraben free, cruelty freeVerdict: I am so glad I have discovered Nature Girl’s body oils. They feel so nice during application but don’t leave a greasy film on the skin that can sometimes feel a little gross or even stain your clothes. This body oil smells lovely but is not strong at all. Perfect if you don’t want it fighting with your favourite perfume that you will be layering on after. Buy here

Conclusion: I am a true Nature Girl convert and can’t wait to discover the rest of their product range.  As you might have noticed from the price points, this is a luxury brand. It’s not in the super high price range but if you are a fan of cheap drugstore buys then this probably isn’t the line for you. If you currently use Chanel, Dior, Khiels, Lancôme or any of those big buck names, Nature Girl can be a healthy and environmentally friendly substitute (actually, it’s even cheaper than those brands).

Of all the products I tested, my favourites are the jasmine lime body cream, the rose bud facial mist, the blue chamomile botanical body wash and of course the I am Arizona bath and body oil that first introduced me to the Nature Girl brand.  You can purchase Nature Girl in store or online. Click here for their points of sale.

Side note: I also received two perfume samples from Nature Girl’s sister brand Riche Hippie.

rich hippie CA $285 for 1/2 oz

rich hippie, perfume, organic, natural beauty, cruelty free

shambala $55 for 1/6 oz

shambala, rich hippie, organic, natural beauty, cruelty free

I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as organic perfumes and must say that I’ve always been a bit bothered about spraying chemicals on myself when I am so careful with the rest of my beauty regimen. I quite liked the shambala scent but I did notice that it doesn’t seem to hold as long as my regular fragrances. That said, it comes in a cute roll-on format that you can slip into your purse and reapply during the day. I much prefer doing that than opting to put dangerous ingredients on my body. You can buy it here.

*Some prices are in USD $ because us Canucks can only purchase certain products via the Nature Girl website and their prices are in American currency. IF USD is not written it’s because the price is in Canadian currency and I am linking to a Canadian beauty site such as Anis Apothecary.

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