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This too shall pass

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Were some of you freaking out last Friday when they were forecasting snow for this coming Wednesday? I remember it being such a beautiful sunny day and thinking why on earth aren’t people enjoying this amazing weather instead of focusing on what might or might not happen 5 days from now?

Now obviously, there is nothing wrong with looking at the weather for the days to come but when our worry about the future (“future tripping” as Gabrielle Bernstein calls is) takes our attention away from the present moment, we can be missing out on some good stuff! In addition to this, we are creating stress for ourselves that is totally unnecessary as whatever scenario we are worrying about might not even take place.

Another way we increase our stress levels is by looking at everything that we have to do and think to ourselves “I will never have enough time to get all this done.”  For some of us, busy periods come and go and for others its the norm. The best approach to keep calm when overwhelm hits is to focus on tackling one task at a time (without thinking of the 20 others) and then moving on to the next and the next… It might sound obvious but many of us are often on to this next thing in our mind when our body is physically doing something in the present moment.

If you ever notice that you are fussing over something stressful, remember that this too shall pass . This philosophy can also apply to happy moments. When they occur, fully enjoy them and be 100% present as these too will eventually end.

It’s not to sound depressing that I say this, it’s just to make sure you fully realize and enjoy the good periods in your life and crazy days. Another mantra that I learned from Eckhart Tolle and that has helped me shake off anxieties is this goodie:

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When I realized that planning and worrying are not the same thing, it was a big game changer for me. Rather than letting my worries follow me in the shower or during a nice walk, I set aside time to tackle whatever is on my mind and I try to only think about there and then.

Do you have any precious tools that allow you to fight off stress and find inner peace despite the outer chaos? I would love for you to share them with us below! We all deal with pretty hectic lives and there is a way of

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2 Responses to This too shall pass

  1. Chadi G April 15, 2014 at 11:24 pm #

    “future trippin'”… ha ha, love it!!

    • redfairy April 16, 2014 at 12:36 am #

      Love that expression too. It’s so totally what we do sometimes.

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